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Anonymous said...

Have you done any articles covering the fine dining establishments in Cebu like Anzani, The Tinder Box, Abaca, etc.? Would love to read your insights about these places!

Anonymous said...

Good day!
I am a restaurant owner and we would like to invite you to dine in our restaurant "Chix Savour" to get your expert opinion on how our product fare. It is imperative for us to acquire inputs coming from your reputable group as this will serve as our bench mark for delivering quality dishes to our customers. Please contact me anytime at this number 09328508771 look for Ms. Annrea Sy Almario... thank you!

Unknown said...

There is a new milk tea place in Cebu, it may not look good on the outside but definitely good on the inside.
The owner told me it's straight from Taiwan.
After I tasted it, it's not only cheaper than any milk tea place in Cebu but taste better.
It's called Jamine tea house, the location is at Tisa katipunan street labangon.
Hope you could see it.