Best Cebu Food Blog of 2020 Finalist

Cebu Food Blogger: I'm so honored for the second time around, this blog that I have dedicated to food is again one of the finalists of the Best Cebu Food Blog of 2020. To be considered as part of the roster of top caliber bloggers in the Visayas is already a personal achievement of mine in the blogosphere. Win or lose, this distinction is already enough for me. A validation that at least, it is worth to be recognized in the blogging community especially here in Cebu.

Here is my co-finalist, Neil Savellon (, who is my fellow Cebu Blogger and friend too.  He makes wonderful and posh recipes and I think he is deserving to win this category.

I'm a blogger before I became a food blogger but I think everyone is a foodie because we have to eat to survive and we often take photos of our food before devouring it.  I do cook my own food, my recipes are simple yet, very easy to follow for a newbie without any experience with cooking. I don't believe that it is hard to cook because it is definitely easy. It takes practice though like any other things we do.

Let me share a little secret, it is all about spices, salt and pepper! And food will definitely taste good.

If you think, this blog deserves to win, pls. VOTE HERE.

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