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Cebu Food Blogger - Have you tried eating an ampalaya or bitter gourd salad? You would probably ick just the thought of eating this bitter vegetable. And how much more if it is turned into a vegan salad? Well, you will never despise ampalaya after you have tasted this sweet salad. Yes, you read it right!

I myself is an ampalaya eater. I really love vegetables. I remember my mom making her special salad during holidays and special occasions at home. So I gave her a call for her ampalaya salad appetizer.

Ampalaya Salad appetizer

The recipe is very simple and will not take much of your time preparing it.

Servings: 2
Preparation: 5 minutes


1 whole ampalaya or bitter gourd
1/2 slice of lemon
2 calamansi, sliced
1 medium tomatao, diced
1 onion, sliced
1 medium-sized ginger, sliced
200 g or 1 pouch of pineapple tidbits (del monte)
1 teaspoon rock salt
2 tablespoon vinegar


Just mix all the ingredients and voila, you'll have an ampalaya salad.

This is an easy-to-prepare veggie appetizer at home if you are in a rush. It won't take that long. In less than 10 minutes, you'll have an instant fresh salad.

For nutrition, studies say that ampalaya is rich in vitamins C and A, beneficial folate, fiber, potassium, some iron and zinc too.

Scientific name is momordica charantia.

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