Tsuki Japanese Dining in Mabolo

Name of Business: Tsuki-Japanese Dining
Location:  Sarrosa Hotel, F. Cabahug St., Kasambagan, Mabolo, Cebu City.
Type of Food: Authentic Japanese Cuisine
Rating: 5 out of 5
Over-all place: Modern Interiors, 30-seater inside, 10-seater outside.
Operation time: Lunch, 11:30 AM to 2:00 PM; Dinner, 06:00 PM to 11:00 PM
Facebook: https://facebook.com/%E6%9C%88-Tsuki-Japanese-Dining-1231813446910070/
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/tsukicebu/
Zomato: Yes
Contact: +63 32 262 7508

Cebu Food Blogger: How do you know a Japanese restaurant is authentic? One indication would be, the head chef is a full-blood Japanese. No one knows better with the cuisine than themselves, the Japanese. I have spoken to the chef himself, a 40-ish from Osaka, Mr. Kazuo Sato. He is well-experienced in making sushis and sashimis way back when he was still 19 years-old. That's a test of time. He also went to the US for some culinary studies and practice.

Have you ever wondered why they named it Tsuki? According to one of the owners, Mr. Hiroaki Ishi, it translates to "moon" in English.


So let's go the real food story. I'm not a fan of Japanese cuisine myself, but on that day, when I visited Tsuki Japanese Dining, I became a "convert". I'll let you know my favorites! Well, it could be all!

First, I had their Sashimi set. On the plate are varieties of seafood meat like Tuna, Salmon, Lapu-Lapu, "Tamarong" and thin slices of squid. Of course, there is wasabi. Garnishes like cucumber and strings of radish. I find it a good starter for a hearty meal. Price: Php 480

The next thing I tried is their Hakozushi Unagi (Eel). And boy, it became an instant favorite! It has a touch of sweetness and sauce, perhaps, Oyster sauce. I never thought, the eel would taste that good! Price: Php 450

Another menu that flirted my palate is their Salmon Teriyaki! The serving is good and yes, taste really delicious! Price: Php 350

They also served Tako Karaage which is a friend octopus. I personally don't eat one but when I got to taste it, the meat is tender, a bit chewy but I was able to eat it! And yes, it worked well with the lemon squeeze! Try it. Price: Php 180

I also had Tori Karaage which is their fried chicken. I don't fancy it. I would still prefer, Jollibee's! But it's the Japanese-way, so maybe you may want to try it! Price: Php 210

Here's a little pricey on the menu that I really liked! It's their tenderloin steak at Php 790. I can say, the price is just right! It's really 'tender' and taste-wise, I approved it. I beg to have a second order!

Of course, I had sushi and it's called Rainbow Roll. It had Cebu's fresh mangoes and a variety of meat rolled on individual sushi of tuna, salmon, lapu-lapu, and shrimp. Price: Php 330

Arriving late on the table is the Ebi Tempura which is also good with fried seaweeds at Php 350.

I was also served with fried rice at Php 180. Well, not the usual fried rice you always have. It's tasteful!

A visit to a Japanese restaurant is not complete without having Miso soup. 

Photo credits: Lyssa Amor Diaz of lyssaamor.asia

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