Wok'd Thai Take-Out

Name of Business: Wok'd Thai Take-Out
Location: Ground Floor, Streetscape, Paseo Saturnino, Ma. Luisa Road, Banilad, Cebu City
Type of Food: Thai Cuisine
Rating: 4.5 out of 5
Over-all place: Casual dining place with an industrial modern interior design w/ an open kitchen
Contact: +63 32 268-4933
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/wokdthai
Zomato: Yes

Cebu Food Blogger: Let me start this by saying, "I love Thai foods". How much more if it's authentic and it's just located near to everyone? I would definitely visit the dining place everyday or perhaps, have their dishes delivered to my love nest. Wok'd Thai Take-Out is situated nearly at the heart of Cebu city in Banilad (refer address above). I'm certainly hooked to some of their traditional Thai recipes that is served fast and fresh. The restaurant also promises a potent blend of sights, sounds and scents.

Would you like to know what are my top picks? There are new to the ear but there's also something old from your favorite Thai dish. When you visit Wok'd, make sure to tag along someone or two of your closest friends as their servings are really generous (good for two or three). Really worth the penny.

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Out of the three dishes I tried. I highly recommend their PAPAYA SALAD. It's all made fresh from green papaya, carrots, peanuts, tomato and chilli dressed with tamarind and fish sauce. I would advise to inform the waiter to set the spiciness to "mild". If you want it so hot, they will adjust it accordingly.  However, you can still have the option to try their CURRY PUFF. Their THAI FISH CAKE is a bit spicy for me maybe because of the red curry paste mixed with it.

Papaya Salad

Curry Puff

Thai Fish Cakes


If you want something traditional and more known Thai soup, then try their TOM YUM, of course. I find it really good, though, not the best tom yum soup here in Cebu. It is still worth to enjoy with your palate. I just thought it needs to be a bit "sour", maybe one level notch. Personally, I'm totally fine with what they have.

Tom Yum

For those who wants to load their carbo intake, they serve CHICKEN AND SEAFOOD LAKSA. I find it quite spicy. But it really tasted good. I would order it if their tom yum is not available.

Chicken and Seafood Laksa


I've got two recommendations if you're not a soup-based fan. Their CHICKEN & CASHEW NUTS and GARLIC PORK & PEPPER are two of the stir-fried dishes I enjoyed. Chicken breast is used and they seasoned it with their homemade secret sauce. For the pork, they used pork cutlet with garlic and definitely seasoned with their homemade secret sauce too.

Chicken and Cashew Nuts

Garlic Pork and Pepper

If you are a beef-fan. I would suggest you order the THAI BEEF W/ CHILI AND BASIL. However, I just thought the taste is ordinary for me. But then again, everyone is different. Your taste bud is different from mine.

Thai Beef with Chili and Basil


When you are visiting a Thai restaurant, it's a must that you should try their PAD THAI! I thought the SEAFOOD PAD THAI is the best among the dishes they served me that time. It has a perfect blend of fresh lemon, chives, seasoning, peanuts, seafoods, vegetables and their homemade pad thai sauce. It's definitely a staple in any Thai dining place. And Wok'd aced it!

Seafood Pad Thai

I also discovered and thus, highly recommend that you order their PAD SEE EW.  This dish is new-sounding to my ear and it tasted really good! Flat noodles are used and it has chicken, prawn, egg, vegetables, homemade oyster sauce and sweet soy sauce. Imagine the blend of sweetness in this noodle dish.

Pad See Ew

If you prefer thin noodles, their SINGAPORE NOODLES dish is something you can try. It doesn't look nice but hey, it is yummy! And I think I love it as well! See? You really need to work that tongue for it.


You can't leave a Thai food house without even trying their signature curry dishes. At wok'd, I've tasted their MASSAMAN BEEF W/ ROTI and I instantly like it. The beef is so tender. And yes, you have to eat it with the ROTI.

Massaman Beef w/Roti

If you're a fan of green curry, you may want this combo seafood and chicken with vegetables in yellow curry paste and coco milk. It's called GANG GARI. It doesn't sound enticing to me, because it reminds me of something yucky. It sounds like Gang*****.  Hahaha.. Don't mind it. The taste is really authentic curry.


GAI YANG is a marinated chicken breast fillet grilled to perfection. It is best paired to the papaya salad. I actually like it and would order it when I get back to Wok'd.

Gai Yang

For those who prefers to eat fish, they also have GRILLED SALMON (Norwegian salmon). One suggestion though, eat it when it's fresh from the grill to enjoy the freshness taste of the fish, else, you won't appreciate this dish.

Grilled (Norwegian) Salmon


If eating in groups of two or three, I highly recommend their CHICKEN AND SEAFOOD FRIED RICE. It's not that flavorful and it plays well with all their Thai dishes. So you will still enjoy the taste of each menu.


Dining in a Thai restaurant would require you not to only drink water but I highly recommend you get milk tea. At Wok'd, I had THAI MILK TEA. It helps in cleansing my palate with those flavorful and spicy Thai dishes I've tried and  I certainly enjoy each symphony of flavors from my plate. If you are lactose-intolerant, they can serve you TRADITIONAL THAI ICED TEA but I find it really sweet with an after-kick on the throat. So, maybe you will stick with water or colas.

Thai Milk Tea

Traditional Thai Iced Tea

Let me give you some snapshots I took with its interiors:

A view from the dining area

An open kitchen
The Chefbuano.com taking a snap of the Grilled salmon dish

Could you guess that map?

Wok'd displays Thai sauces and condiments

Food preparation at Wok'd Cebu

I think I'm done. Have I tickled your appetite to try some Thai cuisine today? Let me know...

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