Dong Juan- Parkmall Branch

Name of Business: Dong Juan
Location: Ground Floor, Parkmall, Ouano Avenue, Tipolo, Mandaue City
Branches: Nationwide
Type of Food: Filipino, American
Rating: 5 out of 5
Over-all place: Can accommodate a few guests inside. Available tables outside too.
Contact: +63 32 344-5826
Zomato: Yes

Here's an exciting news to all patrons of this Cebuano restaurant who have become a household name in the food and consumers industry. Dong Juan will launch their Tablea Collection inspired by their own tablea. They have been in the business since 2007 flirting the palates of Cebuanos and later, the rest of the Filipino consumers with branches established nationwide. Locally, they are known for their burgers, pizzas, steaks, iced tea and definitely in the next months to come, their Pastas in their Chocolate collection.

My first experience with them was way back 2008 when I decided to move here in Cebu for a job. Friends would bring me anywhere to local restaurants and food havens and fortunately, Dong Juan. I just loved everything on their menu. Their burgers and pork chop steak are staples I kept on ordering every time I paid a visit. And they were the first to serve iced tea in mason jars (that time) which I thought was really clever.

I'm thrilled to let you know about my recent findings when I was handpicked by ZOMATO and a few food bloggers to try Dong Juan's new addition to their menu.

Before indulging with the MAIN COURSE, they served Mozzarella sticks to the group. The mozzarella cheese is really gooey inside. I would suggest to take a bite once it arrive on your table. Simply savor its freshness and dip it with a pair of marinara sauce provided. For our second appetizer, we had their Chilli Buffalo wings.

Mozzarrella Sticks Price: Php 239

The owner was also enthusiastic to introduce their new signature drinks. I was having the Kalamansi Blush where fresh strawberries sunk at the bottom of the Calamansi juice. Tip, to make it blush, I have to stir it with the strawberries and eventually a Kalamansi Blush is set before me. I still love their famous Dong Juan Iced Tea but that night, I tried something new (Kalamansi Blush) and it certainly didn't disappoint.

Kalamnsi Blush Price: Php 89

Now, let's talk about the MAIN COURSE. We were served five dishes to satiate our hungry tummies.

We had the seafood soup which is composed of dried seaweeds, seafoods, eggs and other ingredients.

Seafood Soup Price: Php 169

Dong Juan Fried Rice is quite savory with all the beef flavors coming to life. But nothing fancy though. I can barely taste the beefy angst in it.

Beef Fried Rice (good for 2) Price: Php 169

This all-meat pochero is really true to its name. Definitely tender on slice. One of my fave that night.
All Meat Pochero Price: Php 269

The Babyback Ribs in Barbecue Sauce is highly competitive in terms of taste and it's not that pricey compared to other restaurants. A must-try!

Baby Backribs Price: Php 199

And here we go, my favorite Gambas Pasta! The shirmps were really just perfect. And it's sprinkled with bonito flakes which married all the flavors of this dish. Giving it 5 stars out of 5!

Gambas Pasta Price: 179

Dong Juan Tablea Collection

We are so honored to have first tasted their new addition to their menu before it's offered in public. These new dishes are Spanish Chorizo Pasta with Cacao De Bola, Carbonara with Cacao De Bola and Linquine Meatballs with Tablea Marninara Sauce. Generally, all the pasta dishes are served "al dente".

Out of the three, the one that captured my heart is the Carbonara with Cacao De Bola. Followed by Spanish Chorizo Pasta with Cacao De Bola. I'm a fan of the sweet chorizo (Cebuano-style) but the Spanish version is not just for me. My taste buds would prefer our own local chorizo. As to the Linquine Meatballs, Marinara sauce is one of the least favorite dish my palate can acquire. But then again, I would still recommend to try all three and choose your favorite.

Spanish Chorizo Pasta Price: Php 169

Linguine Meatballs Price: Php 149

Dinner isn't complete without desserts! Would you agree with me?

Mug Cakes Price: Php 179

We were having MUG Cakes!!! And Dong Juan was so generous and gave us Dark Fudge, Red Velvet, Salted Caramel, Crunchy Cookie Butter and S'mores. My personal favorite is the Crunchy Cookie Butter. Tell me, what's yours when you check them.

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