Cebu Food Crawl 2016- Mactan Newtown Lechon Pit

Cebu Food Crawl Mactan Newtown Lechon Pit

1st day

It's my second time to feature the Mactan Newtown Lechon Pit (read here). And what's more apt to start the first stop of our Day 1 for Cebu Food Crawl 2016 is to treat all bloggers/participants with Cebu's best or the world's best roasted pig (rather), the Cebu lechon!

We were introduced to a unique section of the Mactan Alfresco where they do a live roasting of the pig, which is the Lechon Pit. We have witnessed how this pork dish is been prepared and roasted when we arrived. Of course, we did our blogger duties taking photos and videos. But the best part is eating crispy lechon!

The lechon pit features three of their top lechon-makers in Cebu: AYERS Lechon, Cebu Lechon Belly, and ANA'S Lechon. A maximum of 12 lechon can be roasted at a given time. Foreign and local tourists can definitely enjoy firsthand how the pig is roasted set before their eyes. Just take note of the schedule, roasting is happening every Saturday and Sunday from 3 pm onwards.

Here's some snap shots of this hungry-solving welcome lunch and video for all of us:

Surprisingly, aside from the freshly roasted pig, they also served us with the following best sellers from the different tenants of Mactan Alfresco. We had a brief ocular around their line of food stalls. 

The Oyster Bay crab

Two of the Best Sellers from Choobi Choobi

Food selections from Meximama Cocina Latina

We have something from Manang Sayong

Orange Karenderia's Crispy Tuna Buntot and Betsy's Garlic Chicken
Dinuguan, Paksiw and of course, crispy lechon from Ana's Lechon

Special dishes from Muvans Pocherohan and Seafoods
Look at these yummy crispy skin lechon strips from Ayers Lechon

What a hearty way to start our First day of the Cebu Food Crawl 2016. We made sure, we still have some rooms for desserts at our next stop, Movenpick Hotel.

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