Cebu Food Crawl 2016 - Cafe Jasmin and their Freshly Roasted Coffee

Cebu Food Crawl Cafe Jasmin

2nd Day (second stop)

Let me tell you about this certain coffee, pastry and dessert haven situated  nearly at the heart of Cebu. I thought that this place called Cafe Jasmin is underrated and really deserves more exposure. I've been to numerous coffee shops in Central Visayas, the whole Philippine archipelago or maybe, the world, but this charming little cafe serves really good and freshly roasted coffee with various selection of delectable sweets that makes you reminisce home far away. You'll miss your mother when you take the first sip of that cup with aromatic coffee. That's how it affects me.

It's my second time to visit Cafe Jasmin and it feels like I have my own space where I can just be myself while scribbling my pad with my plans for the future. That's how quaint the place is. And if you're an artist, this is a good nook for you to get an inspiration or perhaps, contemplate on how to hone your craft. It's like that attic at home that you often visit every time you need a dose of your own medicine. All you need to bring is a cup of coffee, your favorite comfort food and voila, "me" time mode is switched on.

When I learned that (cafe) Jasmin is one of our coffee stops during the food crawl, I thought it's dejavu. The aroma of roasted coffee flirts my nostrils when I entered the cafe and I also saw familiar faces in the room. Now, I felt comfortable and grounded knowing it's like home way back in the province.

Of course, I saw Mr. Ran Vitanova, the manager who introduced us with their best sellers they could offer. Aside from the gracious gift of caffeine to keep my senses awake, the cafe crews helped in serving their delightful dishes. So let's check what we had:

Chicken Penne Carbonara.
 This is best eaten when it's warm. Take note of that.

Cheesy Beef Lasagna.
 This is so good! I would you suggest you order this when you're at the cafe.

 In this flat lay, one dish they served is their Japanese Curry Chicken Rice (upper left).

 And the caffeine is poking when they served us their signature lattes and flat whites (less coffee).

Triple Chocolate brownies, Blueberry Cheesecake and M&Ms Cheesecake
My favorite is their triple chocolate brownies. No further explanation needed. It's like no other. I will vouch for its good taste.

One of the highlight of this stop is a meet-and-greet with our very own Cebuano-Japanese poet, Kota Yamada. We had a brief but up close and personal book reading sesh with him. I highly recommend you get his maiden book entitled Lost Hearts.

Kota Yamada. Photo credit:

Cafe Jasmin Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

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Accessories like cactus and snowy flowers courtesy from Flowers Cafe Cebu


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