Gibbs' Hot Wings in Cebu

Name of Business: Gibbs's Hot Wings
Location: 2nd Flr., Streetscape Lifestyle Mall, Paseo Saturnino, Ma. Luisa Road, Banilad, Cebu City
Type of Food: American (chicken)
Rating: 5 out of 5
Over-all place: Modern industrial interiors
Contact: +63 32 349 2103/ +63 922 642 4888
Instagram: @gibbshotwings
Zomato: Yes

In search for the Best Hot Wings in Cebu? And are you craving for such kick of spiciness? Then, head to Gibbs' Hot Wings!

I literally made to try varieties of their hot wings on the menu with a bunch of food bloggers of Cebu Food Crawl. Good thing, my very sensitive palate to spicy food has overcame that chili night challenge (with the help of an ice cold beer)!

Gibbs' Hot Wings comes in 5 levels: hot, original, insanely hot, 2intense and freakin' hot

Now, let's check what we had.

For an appetizer:

Gibbs' Mozza Sticks
Mozzarella cheese sticks that are golden fried. It's actually hot and gooey inside with a very special dipping sauce.

Price: Php 115

Gibbs' Potato Wedges
There's nothing extraordinary with their potato wedges. But I'm good that they served it as a siding dish.

Price: Php 75

Now for the entrees:

Gibbs' Spag n' Meatballs
This is their special spaghetti with deep fried meatballs in tomato sauce, topped with lots of grated CHEESE!

Price: Php 105

Gibbs' Bacon n' Mushroom Carbonara
If you're on a pasta trip, you can have their carbonara. Best if you could eat it right after it is served to you as pastas like this carbonara is best devoured when it's warmly fresh.

Price: Php 145

Gibbs' Hot Wings HOT level

Just to flirt my tastebuds for some deep spicy session, I started to try their Level 1 hot wings. Of course, it's tolerable. I could even eat this full serving.

Price: Php 175

Gibbs' Freakin' Hot Wings (highly recommended)

This is their Level 5 hot wings! And look at those bits of chili in its full glory! I certainly made to have a bite on it. It's really spicy to the highest level! But I can still enjoy the flavor amidst the striking kick of chili. Worth a try!

Price: Php 205

Gibbs' Angel Wings

Another variety of their hot wings with cream, garlic, filled cheese and parmesan cheese.

Price: Php 205

Gibbs' Spicy Honey Garlic Wings (highly recommended)
Wings glazed to perfection with their special honey sauce and garlic bits to play around your palate. I would recommend you order this too! One of my faves!

Price: Php 195

Wasabi Hot Wings
The thought of "wasabi" is already spicy! And yes, they have their wings double cooked with their own wasabi sauce. They garnish it with Japanese nori.

Price: Php 195

House Blend Juice
This one is a life-saver! And it really tasted good! You need to drink a lot when dealing with hot wings!

Price: Php 125 per pitcher

Whatcha gonna do with this dessert?

Spicy Stracciatella (highly recommended)

Even having their dessert has to be chili! This is a new product introduced when we visited them. And it didn't disappoint! I enjoyed this cup of spicy stracciatella.

Here's a peep at their dining area:

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