Garden Cafe's Mango Mania

Name of Business: Garden Cafe, Cebu City Marriott Hotel
Location: GF, Cebu City Marriott Hotel, Cardinal Rosales Ave, Cebu City
Type of Food: Buffet (International)
Rating: 5 out of 5
Over-all place: High class dining fit for a 4-star hotel in the city.
Contact: +63 32 411 5800
Instagram: @cebumarriott
Zomato: Yes

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We had a very hearty lunch that day with Ipar's and Cebu City Marriott Hotel thru its Garden Cafe hosted an afternoon delight buffet for us dubbed as "Mango Mania" featuring various intricate fruity treats using mango as the main ingredient. What a good time to lavish on both green and sweet ripe mangoes from tarts, to salads, to macaroons, to shakes. A symphony of mango delights been prepared for us.

Here are some snapshots #wheninCebuMarriott

Pinoy "puto maya" topped with sesame seeds and slices of ripe mango on the side

It's traditional Pinoy delicacy (puto maya) given with a posh touch with the sesame seeds. Of course, the always perfect pair is a sweet ripe mango to savor it!

Prawn with Spicy Green Mango

The piquant taste of the prawn clashed with the zesty lip-smacking flavors of the spicy green mangoes. You should try this!

Mango-flavored Macaroons topped with a thin-sliced green mango and sweet butter cream

Definitely a burst of the opposites! The taste is just subtle to the palate. Will definitely take you to pick for a second or maybe a third munch of these macaroons.

Spice Chicken with Mango

They had me on this! Bits of thin chicken cuts. I thought of this as a salad in a glass with the spicy mangoes to play with my tastebuds.

Mango Tarts
Who doesn't love tarts? And these are mango tarts! The fresh mango topping is gelatinous.

Mango Sago
Well, nothing fancy when I had it. Just a normal mango sago. My least favorite. Didn't set my expectation though.

Brewing teas using a siphon
Would you like to try brewing your teas using the siphon method? They introduced this (method) and boy, I love it! And they have various options for you to try.

I haven't tried this. Maybe next time when I visit Garden Cafe.

The "queen" with their friendly staff
Twinning beauties. A "selfie" with one of the very approachable and accommodating staff of Cebu City Marriott. Who's the fairest of us? Be careful with your answer, this is my food blog! Lelz... Talk about #ExcellentService at #CebuMarriott

There you go guys! I hope I brought you to salivate to the tune of Mango Tango!

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