Cebu Food Crawl: The First Food Adventure in the Visayas!

Foodelity Cebu: Cebu Food Crawl is coined from the popular "pub crawl" and this time, specifically about FOOD participated by foodies/food bloggers here in Cebu. It is often referred to as a bar crawl or bar-hopping. Now, that's a bull's eye view about it. Definitely, participants of the Food Crawl will be checking out restaurants, bistros, dessert houses, cafes, party places, food venues, etc. to simply ... EAT, of course!

As the first in Cebu or perhaps, in the Visayas (food crawl) region, it's participated by twenty-five food bloggers around the archipelago, Philippines. The first and premier blogging organization in the Visayas, Cebu Bloggers Society, Inc. pioneered the said food crawl. It officially began on November 27, 2015 until November 30, 2015. That's a 4-day unlimited food adventure within Cebu.

I am lucky to have joined the first ever Cebu Food Crawl that turned out to be a success! But beforehand, I have participated in a similar food affair in Davao too this year in May 2015 organized by our sister blogging organization, Davao Bloggers Society. I have written my experiences about my Davao Food Appreciation Tour 2015 (DFAT2015) here.

I would like to say, THANK YOU to all Partner Establishments who were lavish accessories to our gastronomic journey all throughout. I've learned a lot about their passion for food and their contribution to each of their diners' satiable experience.

Kudos to these food havens in Cebu for making our tummies filled with delectable and delicious food!

Watch out for my individual reviews on the different participating restaurants and cafes on this blog.

Day 1

First stop is lunch at Ipar's, a restaurant that offers authentic Spanish cuisine.


Did I say their Seafood Paella is superbly delicious? Salivate, sweet peas!


Next, the group went to Cebu City Marriott Hotel to savor its Garden Cafe offerings dubbed as "Mango Mania". What a perfect dessert to take after a hearty Spanish almuerzo!

They had me at their Prawn with Spicy Green Mango (upper left)


At 7 pm, a palatable dinner  in Ocean Garden was set where the food crawlers lavished on seafood specialties and family-secret recipes. It's a must-visit place for a fresh seafoods fiesta trip!

The Chili Crabs! Get ready to get dirty with your fingers!


Of course, after a gastronomic seafoods meal, expect desserts for everyone! The Food Crawlers had their sweet tooth tested at 10 Dove Street Confectionary.

Teas are perfect for these sweet delights! Trust me!


Day 2

I joined the afternoon leg of the tour and started it with Coffee Prince. One of the "Royal" cafes in the city with a Korean-inspired style interiors. Quite chic and dainty when I had snacks here. I thought they offered some noble edibles for the queen, ME!

With these royal treats, I should have eaten like a king! But, no, I just ate like a "queen".
You know, royalties have a graceful way of eating.


For dinner, we had it at Gibb's Hot Wings. Hot wings?! That's an understatement to say the least. Literally, we tried almost everything on their menu including their specialty drinks and we went, "Oh, so HOT"! Cebu's first hot wings as they claimed. Keep it burning!

Chicken wings overload! Gotcha!


 A perfect way to cap the night off is to party! There is no other place to shake our booties and get "drunk in love" in the city other than LIV Super Club! We found this tour segment a fat-burning activity!

The time we said "kampai" to our fellow food crawlers!
Photo Credit: Sinjin of the


Day 3

Since I was quite drunk and went home so early (in the morning) after partying at LIV. Simply, I missed the AM leg of the tour and managed to join the group around late afternoon. I had to catch up a lot of sleep for more energy.

But then alcohol is such a teaser that day! It's still in my system but interestingly went to wine tasting at Dolce Casa in Parkmall for some Authentic Italian wines. 

Uggh, all I can say is SALUTE´ when wine is paired with cheese and black olives.
Photo Credit:


We certainly had a taste of Asia when dinner at The SAILS in Movenpick Hotel Mactan Island Cebu brought us to experience their Asian-themed buffet! Expectedly, we finished it with a glass of wine (again)!

SAIL away with these Asian cuisine selections.


The group then had a special seat at Ibiza Beach Club to cap the night off to the tune of Latin entertainment while trying out Movenpick's internationally acclaimed ice cream!

This is the dominant Pistachio flavored ice cream that made love to my palate.


Day 4

The group went out-of-the-way on the last day of the tour for an island hopping late morning. Simply, just to check some of the 7, 107 islands the Archipelago has to offer. Hello, Nalusuan Island Resort!

I still find the name of this place weird. I don't know, it's just me! *laughs*


Not food related but could be food "for-the-eyes" to some. *wink*
 He's cute! Right? Mr. Nalusuan!


Me, while getting some Vitamin "SEA". 
A little modeling (amateur) under the sun wouldn't hurt once in awhile. Agree?


Tripping or visiting in Cebu is not complete if we don't get to taste Cebu's crispy lechon (roasted pig). So we had that for lunch by the sea in our bangka (motorboat) while we thought to drink healthy afterwards. 

A mandatory photo op before the "boodle fight" on lechon baboy and manok, and
PUSO (hanging rice) by the sea!
Photo Credit: Sinjin of the

Thanks to JUICYFIED for being so thoughtful and had the group tried its very flavorful organic juice drinks! Healthy cheers to the picturesque blue sky above and ocean-blue water under.

Detox? Cleansing? Juicing? Whatever it is. 
Just shut up! Drink and get JUICYFIED!


We went to our hotel (BIG HOTEL) after the island escape adventure to freshen up and got dolled (dressed) up for a posh dinner rendezvous!

Shall I say, Merry X-mas to all of you from moi here at BIG HOTEL!


At twilight, ANZANI is such a perfect host that set our palate to experience Mediterranean cuisine. I highly recommend that you book a reservation at the veranda area for a more cozy and romantic feel with your "sweet heart" or even family!

I love their Tagliata (sliced steak) and Spinach Ravioli! Order it when you visit ANZANI!


Candidly, Cebu Food Crawlers!
Photo Credit: Kim Charlie of


If IPAR'S' the Opening Salvo, our last stop is indeed the Finale Fireworks of Cebu Food Crawl! And we had it at Pink Heaven! A very great host  and we were so pleased with their customized carrot cupcakes for us! 

I'm so lucky to have tried this delectable gourmet haven. I missed their Beef Kalderata and Pink Heaven Ribs! It's not sinful at all! And for my thirst-quencher, I tried their Malunggay drink concoction.

Pink Heaven is also a bakeshop. A home to divine pastries and desserts like their Mixed Bars, Sans Rival, etc. And they too have pasta varieties!

Our customized cupcake topper courtesy of Pink Heaven! So thoughtful!

There you go! Will be creating a separate blog post for each restaurants, cafes, bistros, clubs, etc. for a more detailed review. So watch out for it in the next weeks to come!

Give some love to these links:

Cebu Bloggers Society (the organizer of the first Cebu Food Crawl)

Cebu Food Crawl Official Facebook Page

"Food is our common ground, a universal experience"- James Beard


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