My Davao Food Appreciation Tour 2015 (DFAT) Memoirs

Last May 1 to 4, 2015, I had my first experience of joining Davao Food Appreciation Tour 2015 or DFAT organized by a solid team of Davao Bloggers (long time friends too). It's one thing I can't forget as I travel places in this archipelago in the quest for good yummilicious edibles! Let me share with you my momentous journey all for the love of food.

It's my 2nd time in the safest city of the Philippines and I'm still overwhelmed to be back again. And of course, meeting old and new bloggers from different parts of the Philippines is definitely an icing on the cake!

Day 1

Upon arrival in the airport of Davao with my co-bloggers in Cebu (Sinjin of the and Ethelbert of, we headed for some sweet pastries and other yummy snacks at Mam Bebs.

Here are some snapshots I took to satiate my hungry tummy. Let me tell you in advance, their mango squares and potato rolls (both secret recipes of the Abellas) left me in awe! Very divine in taste and subtle to my palate. I hope they ship some boxes of it to Cebu!

Mam Bebs' Apple Pie, Potato Rolls and Mango Squares

Mam Bebs' Potato Rolls (YUMMY!!!!)

I definitely had desserts before the gang heads for a gastronomic dinner buffet at Vikings (SM Lanang, Davao), but that doesn't mean I shouldn't be on beast-mode to feast!

We arrived early at the luxury buffet but when the clock hits 6 pm, all plates are up and the food exploration has begun. Hopping from one corner to another to partake in what I call, a banquet!

Here's what I've lavished that made me so full of a very sumptuous dinner:

Day 2

Me and two fellow Cebu bloggers booked our short stay at Microtel. By the time we woke up, we are already set for the 2nd leg of our food tour.

Brunch at Polo Bistro at Marco Polo Davao is considered a bull's eye! I managed to have so much room for all their delicious menu served before my eyes. I couldn't thank God more enough for the bountiful grace He showered me on that day. The best tasting dishes of Polo Bistro at Marco Polo Davao is not just a sniff away, it's a bite away for me! You know how it ends, full tummy!

Snapshots of what I devoured:

Sirloin Steak

Before the bright sun could set, we explored the picturesque city of Davao, trying their zipline and visiting the Crocodile Park. A good "getaway" (where you don't actually go that far away) within the city, just to breathe fresh air or be with nature. More photos when I visited these places below.

At around 5:30 pm, we head to Missy Bon Bon Breadshop for some cool gelato treats! What a nice way to lick some cold ice cream after what I call a long day of the tour! I love the place where it hits on a lot of pastel colors. Makes me wanna go "cray-cray" and get sentimental with an old flame. *cheesy*

Here's what I took:

Now, with a lot of verified testimonials from the locals and tourists who visited this famous place in Davao, I'm too is excited for dinner! And yes, I finally set foot on the notorious Lachi's for a hearty meal! And personally, I can attest all what they say about the food haven. This is one of my checklist when I get to visit Davao again.

All sweet treats for the Sweets are incredibly divine. It's like you've visited Heaven not just in your dream but in sync with reality. So salivate on these captured delights!

The best way to end a very sumptuous dinner is a good doze of alcohol at The Brewery Obrero. It's the Bloggers' Night Out and we all got free beer courtesy of San Miguel Brewery. And let me share you this little secret, the owner of The Brewery Obrero is a pretty, good-looking man! My nerve endings are definitely tingling just staring at those pieces of biceps. I guess, I'm drunk!

Day 3

With only 3 hours of sleep from last night's trip loaded with high alcohol, good laughs and secret discoveries worth to be kept, our next target is hugging the pristine waters of Costa Marina beach in the serene Samal island. We opted for a swim to celebrate Summer in Davao and the beach didn't disappoint us. Look at these smiles (below).

One of my fave place with good finds of delicious food and beautiful interiors is no other than Alor's: A Home Kitchen! I just love everything in it with all those captivating pastel wall colors, catchy frame arts, artsy and stylish tables and chairs, and of course, the food they served is yummy beyond compare!

Shabby Chic Interiors of Alor's

Before we head up for dinner, we had a good time to chill at Yellow Hauz where we had both silent group detachment (we need a "me" time for updating our social media accounts) and outrageous fun-filled spur of the moment together. Can't forget our "dugtongan" game with the bloggers.

Late dinner is at Basti's Brew. Food with big serving is enough to fill our pining tummies!

And another great time to end the day is eating halo2x at Aling Foping's in Matina.

Day 4

It is our last day of the DFAT 2015! I know everyone will be very emotional as we will have to separate ways! But let me talk about food first! Brunch is at Annipie! I love their cinnamon rolls! Their cakes are adorable. And their food specialties are worth a repeat next time!

Last stop before we get back to Cebu is a visit to Margies Bakeshop. I instantly liked their thin crispy brownies! And the team also lavished on their desserts and hearty shakes. Their pork ribs is to die for!


RM Bulseco said...

Sayang, I should've attended this year's DFAT but work. :( hopefully sa 2016 maka return of the comeback ko haha!

Foodelity said...

Wow! I just read your comment now lang, Renz! Hehehe... Ok lang... present man sad ka sa Cebu Food Crawl 2015! Will also wish to join DFAT2016! It will be my 2nd time.


Jo said...

Wonderful article. Thank you for sharing your Davao food trip experience. When this pandemic is over, I hope you can visit Davao City once again and order some halo-halo in Geritos.