Boodle Feast at Blackbeard's Seafood Island

Name of Business: Blackbeard's Seafood Island Crab House and Seafood Grill
Location: 4th Floor Ayala New Wing, Ayala Center Cebu
Type of Food: Filipino cuisine (Boodle Feasts)
Rating: 5 out of 5
Over-all place: big place and could definitely accommodate a number of customers
Contact:  410-6399 (landline) / 0917-6254695 (mobile)
Twitter: @BSICebu
WI-FI: Yes

I have memories during my high school days where me and my classmates would share a feast of our own lunch bunch together and we call it "Boodle Fight". Reminiscing those, this new seafood grill house in the metro is definitely something you shouldn't miss when your cravings are as high as the tides of the ocean.

Blackbeard's Seafood Island will definitely not disappoint if you're craving for top-notch Filipino dishes with an innovation of your dining experience with their introduction of the "Boodle Feasts".

"BSI Boodle feasts provide customers with a wide array of their Island-Inspired Filipino dishes in a food setting that is perfect for sharing and promotes a literal “bonding” experience - families and friends sharing island-inspired seafood, eating directly from the same big - banana leaf lined boodle tray, where celebratory food is uniquely laid out - where eating with one’s hands is encouraged." -Seafood Island 

I'm definitely a seafood fan and a self-confessed crab and shrimp addict! Felt so sorry for our crustacean friends that I have to eat them. :) Great array of crab dishes is available on the menu for your personal selection.

Let me share what I have devoured that night along with my fellow Cebu Bloggers family.

These bowls of crustacean will definitely make your fingers put into good use:

Crab Maritess

Szechuan Crab (Recommended)

Crab Lilian (Highly Recommended)

Well, a must-try when you dine in is to choose one of their BOODLE FEAST selections. Be ready to dig in and share the bonding moment with your friends or family while you feast on a very sumptuous Pinoy MEAL!

Presenting the various Boodle Feast:

(grilled chicken inasal, big BBQ, steamed white shrimps, fish of the day, grilled oysters, crabs, grilled squid, grilled tomatoes, lato, mangga, pakwan with steamed rice)

DAVAO GULF- Highly Recommended

(chicken wings inasal, pork BBQ, grilled baby squid, steamed shrimps, grilled tuna belly, grilled oyster, shrimp and pomelo salad, lato salad, kinilaw na langka sa gata, grilled talong, salted egg, grilled tomatoes, kalkag rice, bagoong rice and crispy dulong rice)


(chicken binakol, steamed crabs, grilled liempo, inihaw na manok sa gata, grilled squid, steamed shrimps, fish of the day, law-uy, kinilaw na tangigue, balbakwa, ensaladang lato w/ crispy dilis and salted fish rice)

Dapitan's Pride

(crispy shrimps, chicken binakol, fish of the day, grilled squid, gising gising, steamed crabs, grilled liempo and kalkag rice)


(yang chow fried rice, whole fried chicken w/ kropek, shrimp and mushroom sisig, salt and pepper ribs, lumpiang shanghai, crab and corn soup, pancit canton)

And of course, this one is definitely a must try! Their JUMBO BAGNET!

Before you end up your very sumptuous dinner, satisfying with these sweet heavy delights will sure complete your night!

Fried Ice Cream (Vanilla) with chocolate syrup

Halo-Halo and Leche Flan

Restaurant Trivia:

*The first Blackbeard's Seafood Island in Cebu opened last December 11, 2013.
*In less than a year, their second branch will open on September 2, 2014 at the Rainforest Park, Mabolo, Cebu City.
*They are the first to introduce the "BOODLE FEAST" dining experience in Cebu!