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Cebu Restaurants

Here's a list of Cebu Restaurants:

AA Isda Baboy N’ BBQ
Address: Lahug / Phone Number: (272-1623)

Alejandro’s Steak & Seafoods House
Address: Don Jose Avila Street / Phone Number: (264-5022)

Bahay Fiesta Manukan Restaurant
Address: Ranudo Street  / Phone Number: (344-1192)

Bahay Pistahan Restaurant (J0’s Chicken)
Address: Lahug / Phone Number: (344-1192)

Banri Noodle House
Address: Archbishop Reyes Avenue / Phone Number: (234-0788)

Bean Sprouts Oriented Cuisine
Address: Kamputhaw / Phone Number: (254-0009)

BF Management Corp. (Cebu Grand Hotel)
Address: N. Escario Street / Phone Number: (254-9823)

Big Cuisine, Inc.
Address: Banilad  / Phone Number: (234-1368)

Bigby’s Quality Food Corporation
Address: Cebu Business Park  / Phone Number: (234-2495)