Big Flat Bread Cebu

Name of Establishment: Big Flat Bread
Location: Ridges, Mabolo F. Cabahug St, beside the SYKES bldg, at the back of Off Roads Cafe, CEBU
Types of Food: Pizza and Pasta
Over-all place: New and Cozy.
Ratings (1-5): 5 for pizza, 4 for other food
Contact: For take out and reservations, please call 4227107 and 09174018004

Since it has newly opened, I am excited trying out this new pizza house in town! Of course, together with my best food buddies. Our appetite is out of this world and our palate is very critical. So let's get this done!

By the name itself of the establishment, I thought it is a bakery where you can buy big breads and pastries, or say flat breads? But it isn't! LOL. Silly me! Well, I did my assignment, I asked around and got the information that it's definitely a pizza house--and they serve pastas and other options you can select on their menu.

The restaurant is an original in Cagayan De Oro (CDO) and I believe some opportunists brought it here in CEBU and offered Sugboanons different flavahs of pizza to taste.

As a first timer, expect us to order, PIZZA. What else? And here's what I can share.

This looks (below) like a HAWAIIAN pizza to me. What do you think?

It's thin crust and a bit crispy. Balance in flavor and that is 12 inches (BIG). It's good for 3 persons with average-sized bodies like us! Hahaha If you want your bad afternoon to be perfecto, I think their pizza could really delight your day!

They call it SPUDSTERS (below)

Obviously, these are potatoes. Their own version of MOJOS. I'm not quite a fan of it. The gravy that comes along with it lacks flavor. For me, I can only give 3 stars out of 5. 

Fried Chicken (solo)

Yes, they served fried chicken! Expect it to be crispy though. It's nothing extraordinary in my palate but it seems I pretty much like it. So you can never go wrong having it on your table. Well, the "solo" comes in 3 pcs. with sidings of spudsters where you can pair it with their coleslaw or gravy for the dipping. I think they should improve their gravy concoction. Needs more flavor, I suggest.

We got Lasagna!

It's definitely creamy and cheesy however, I missed the "soury" touch that is present in every lasagna. It tasted subtle. I suggest they add more tomato sauce in it to really call it, the Lasagna that I will love. For me, I can easily forget it. 

And oh! The 3 musketeers are having a good time! Here's us below:

My General observation:

-there were lots of flies and mosquitos inside. They should work that out!
-the interior and lightings are good.
-the place is cozy. Air conditioner is definitely new!
-good customer service which is a plus point and "cute" service crew

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