Hotline Foodshoppe Now Open For Delivery

Name of Establishment: Hotline Foodshoppe 
Location: Hernan Cortes St., Subangdaku, Mandaue City, Cebu
Types of Food: Filipino
Over-all place: Small (about 30 sqm), 12-seater but their main line is DELIVERY.
Ratings (1-5): 4
Contact: 0922-487-1887 (SUN) -FREE DELIVERY

This is not something new to you but I guess with the course of time, everyone is going mobile and it seems people find it convenient to simply dial a number, order their food and have it delivered to their homes or offices or to any place. Here in Cebu, I have found one small stall that will certainly cater to your hungry appetite. 

Let me introduce to you my newest discovery, HOTLINE Foodshoppe (details above)! I got the chance to visit the food house instead of simply dialing their delivery number-- have the food delivered at my place-- to experience dining within. Of course, my fellow bloggers are with me so we are at some point, food critic. 

What's On the Menu?

BAM-I or Pancit Bisaya

It is my favorite and I believe it's also the BEST-SELLER! It's a combo of pancit canton and sotanghon noodles that is perfectly cooked with meat, liver, shrimps, vegetables and their secret spices. The taste is so distinct and really homemade or say "lutong-bahay" which most of us always wanted. This is the one dish you shouldn't miss to order! Swear!

Serving size: 4 persons; Price: P110.00

Pancit Canton

It was served late, so I wasn't able to really savor it that much as I'm already full. But I could say, it's a good choice too! If you want a saucy pancit, then, go for it!

Serving size: 4 persons; Price: P110.00

Pork Steak

I can say it's a bit sweet-- maybe because of the pineapple tidbits-- and it's tender. Rich in flavor, juicy and not dry. I think, they cooked it with a certain technique.

Serving size: 4 persons; Price: P186.00

Lumpia Shanghai

This one is also my fave! Definitely, a BEST-SELLER. One of the owners told us that they hired an exclusive supplier for their "lumpia" wrapper to perfect it's quality taste. When these Shanghai rolls are fried, it could sometimes become too salty. But their's is one-of-a-kind. You can still taste the insides of the roll as it is without the overpowering taste of the wrapper. 

Serving size: 15 Shanghai rolls; Price: P98.00

Chicken curry

I'm a curry fan! So, quite bias on this. I can't say it's really authentic but you can certainly say it's CURRY! So if your palette is craving for some turmeric flavah, you should order their chicken curry. Not the best but it's worth satisfying your hungry tummy. 

Serving size: 4 pieces; Price: P137.00


It's actually grilled pork. But I think they have to work out something on their marinade. It has not impressed me that much as I prefer my mom's way of preparing it. I don't find it tasty and I can simply forget it. But it's not that salty or flavorful. Give it a try. My palette is definitely different from yours. Who knows, you will like it!

Serving size: 4 persons; Price: P150.00


I'm sure it's not just any other "balls" out there! Judging by the look, it's meaty and saucy! I have not tasted it but will definitely order it soonest. WIll you let me know how does it taste?

Serving size: 10 pieces; Price: P98.00

More details:

-Owners got a very popular foodshop in Barili, Cebu and is known for their BAM-I or Pancit Bisaya. Now, they want to bring their speciality closer to the patrons here in the city. 
-Their soft opening was on December 22, 2012 and since that day, they have returning customers even growing in number. 
-Prices are discounted when you DINE-IN. Note: it's a 12-seater shop. Quite small but if you're alone, with a date or a family of four to six, you can be accommodated.
-They are open EVERYDAY from 10 AM to 9 PM.
-Waiting time for your food to be served (dine-in) or counter orders is 5 to 7 mins.
-For delivery, you might need to wait around 10 to 20 minutes. They deliver everywhere in the metropolis of Cebu.
-Check them via FACEBOOK:

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