Frizberry Yogurt In Cebu

Name of Establishment: Frizberry Yogurt
Location: 3rd Flr, SM City Cebu (near Salon de Rose)
Types of Food: Yogurt and Shake
Over-all place: It’s a yogurt stall or station
Ratings (1-5): 5
Contact: Mitchel Colina (search it on Facebook)

“Healthy Liftestyle In A Yogurt”-Frizberry.


If you feel the need to shop or malling in SM City Cebu as part of your bonding moment escapade, then I recommend you shoud try and taste the best tasting yogurt in Cebu! The Frizberry Yogurt!


They have their opening last March 8, 2010. It is just near or adjacent to Salon de Rose (3rd Level, SM City Cebu). For those who want beauty and wellness, I recommend you to drop by at this yogurt station in SM City Cebu. It's for your goodness! And I say, it's the best tasting frozen yogurt so far that captivates my taste buds. Loving Frizberry Yogurt!!!

Frizberry Owners:

My warmest thanks to Mr. Mitchel Colina and his lovely fiancé Priscy Saldon for the invitation They got their business name derived from Priscy's name which is a homonym for "FREEZE" (PRIS to FRIZ), thus forming FRIZBERRY. They added "berry" after FRIZ because of their toppings that involves a variety of berries (strawberry, blueberry, blackberry, etc.)
Personal Takes:

I got my own share of the Frizberry yogurt treat in a combo of original yogurt as my base, topped with blueberries, cashew nuts and kiwi. All I can say is HEAVENLY Yummmy!!!

I'm sure you want to have it, you are salivating! You can have your own variety of toppings form mangoes, strawberries, mallows, chocolates, kiwis, grahams, etc! It's guaranteed healthy (with live good bacteria) and yummy (best tasting).

If you hate milk because you are lactose-intolerant like my friend, EDD (click it), I suggest Frizberry Yogurt is best for you!

So for those who are going to hit the mall now, don't forget, FRIZBERRY Yogurt is in CEBU (SM CITY CEBU). Happy Indulgence!


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