3rd Filipino Food Festival at the Cafe Marco

Name of Establishment: Cafe Marco
Location: The Marco Polo Plaza
Types of Food: Modern Filipino Buffet
Over-all place: Five Star
Ratings (1-5): 5

Experience the delectable taste of Modern Filipino Cuisine with two renowned celebrity Chefs, Chef Gene Gonzales and his son Chef Gino Gonzales.

It is the third Filipino Food Festival at the Cafe Marco of The Marco Polo Plaza, Cebu and I felt so lucky to attend this event and be able to personally taste some of the culinary magic of the two great Chefs!

I get the chance to interview them as well and I just learned why they keep coming back to Cebu. It's because, something is with Cebu that is at par with other big cities!

The Welcome Drink

When we arrived at the venue, we were served with a welcome drink called Cebu Tomato Party! It is a concoction of Cebu's Mango, Tomato and some Peach schnapps.

The Appetizers:

Dried Squid and Pomelo Salad

Frizberry Yogurt In Cebu

Name of Establishment: Frizberry Yogurt
Location: 3rd Flr, SM City Cebu (near Salon de Rose)
Types of Food: Yogurt and Shake
Over-all place: It’s a yogurt stall or station
Ratings (1-5): 5
Contact: Mitchel Colina (search it on Facebook)

“Healthy Liftestyle In A Yogurt”-Frizberry.


If you feel the need to shop or malling in SM City Cebu as part of your bonding moment escapade, then I recommend you shoud try and taste the best tasting yogurt in Cebu! The Frizberry Yogurt!

Source: http://eddspression.blogspot.com

They have their opening last March 8, 2010. It is just near or adjacent to Salon de Rose (3rd Level, SM City Cebu). For those who want beauty and wellness, I recommend you to drop by at this yogurt station in SM City Cebu. It's for your

Opening of Frizberry Yogurt In SM City Cebu

I am inviting you to come and taste the very yummy and nutritious Frizberry Yogurt that will open soon in SM City Cebu on March 8, 2010. According to Doyzkie, the owner Mitchel Colina said that the yogurt is Fresh, tasty and quality food and beverages that meets nutritional standards.

You may now mark your calendars on that date for its opening!

Have yourself some healthy frozen yogurt treats!

“Healthy Liftestyle In A Yogurt”-Frizberry.