La Maison

Name of Establishment: La Maison
Location: 2nd Level, Ayala Terraces, Cebu City
Types of Food: French style menu and Gourmet food
Over-all place: Classy and good for dates and reunions
Ratings (1-5): 4

With’s invitation, I was able to get the chance to experience the La Maison way of dining. La Maison actually means “the house”. We are welcomed by the restaurants’ General Manager, Ms. Marissa. She gave a short overview of the place’s history as well as the menus to be served for us to lavish on!

First time?

If you happen to feel that you want a European way of dining in Ayala Terraces and you’re still thinking twice to switch in to La Maison and what to order when you get your butt seated, let me start to chime in to your taste senses! Here’s what I’ve tasted:

* Tostitos, a fried tortilla open faced, topped with beef and cheese blended perfect with spices. It’s one of their appetizers.

* Barkada Ribs is grilled pork ribs in barbecue and he honey chili sauce. Actually good for 2 or 3 persons!

* Classic Gourmet Platter is a combo of French Gourmet Dishes: Le Charconte, Boeuf Bourguignon, Coq Au Vin and Sole Fish Tapanad, it’s a good classic delight sampler for your friends.

* Seafood Marinara which composed of fresh shrimps, mussels, and lapu-lapu in a Tomato Basil Sauce. If you’re still into the pasta-syndrome that day.

*Salads for vegetarians, they also served Ceasar salads and the likes.

Thanks to Doyzkie and Photoblogger for the photo credits! Muchos Grazias!!!

Group Shot:

My Cebu Bloggers Society family with the team, KanKan and Elaine.


Anonymous said...

I liked the food at La Maison especially their salad. The ambience is nice and it's the food is definitely cheap.

Chef Queer said...

I agree with you Chase!

Filtafry said...

the food looks so delicious..
and it surely is very fun to eat those together our friends to enjoy it more...