Gabby’s Bistro

Name of Establishment: Florentina Homes and Gabby’s Bistro

Location: Rovira Rd, Bantayan, Dumaguete City

Types of Food: Oriental Bistro

Over-all place: Housed-style bistro

Ratings (1-5): 5

Last February, I went home to celebrate my birthday with hand-picked friends and direct relatives. It’s been a long while that I haven’t returned back to my little own city haven, Dumaguete city.

When I left the small city to have my luck in Cebu for a decent job, there aren’t new restaurants or dining place. People of Dumaguete might be frugal that time. Surprisingly, friends referred me to a chic and stylish food place and that is Gabby’s Bistro! Owned by the young Chef Gabby del Prado.

The good thing in Gabby's is that they have wifi access all over the place! So you could bring your lappies or ipod and just spend the time with its palatable food.

The interiors:

The “feel at home” concept is what best describes the bistro. It’s like a family house turned into a restaurant that opens it doors to their guests.

Each corners of the place are personally conceptualized and you can obviously notice it through the designs of their doors, cabinets, windows, tables, couches, chairs, curtains and even their ceiling fans!

I like their comfort room, it’s really a place that you can relax and feel the private comfort. A friend took shots of it. Judge the way it was designed.

The Staff:

Very friendly and accommodating to your request. Dumaguete is known to be the city of Gentle People. Their reception area is classy.

The food:

As a birthday treat to my close pals in the city, I made sure they get what they are craving for at the bistro.

* Kabobs- a stick of handmade pork meat brochettes, onions, tomatoes, cucumber, red bell pepper with dipping sauce.

* Mongolian Beef - a bowl of sautéed Mongolian-styled beef with bean sprouts.

* Oriental Shrimp- a line of flavorful shrimps with its special chilly dipping sauce and served with some side bean sprouts.

* Gabby’s salad- with garlic bread, lettuce, tomatoes, sesame seeds, olive oil and other tasty ingredients mixed to it.

*Pork barbecue- Gabby’s bistro’s own style pork barbecue.

Desserts and Drinks:

Fruit Crepe Ala Mode

Betty Boop

Oreo Milk Shake

Photo takes:

Side trip and camwhoring shots with my friends.


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