Name of Establishment: SIAM Thai Cuisine
Location: 2nd fl, the Terraces of Ayala Center Cebu
Types of Food: Thai Cuisine
Over-all place: Perceptible of Thai Culture setting
Ratings (1-5): 3

When the terraces of Ayala Center Cebu just opened its stalls with massive restaurants for both local and international shops, I just can’t wait to dine each inviting restos every time I visit the place. One time, my Asian cravings and spicy diet is grumbling my tummies to devour something Thai cuisine. And with just me alone, my cell phone clock strikes to 11:30 am. I peeked at the side of Fully Booked and saw some welcoming gestures from SIAM.


When I first entered the door, I hear the greeting “Sawatdee Khrap” which means “Hello, good day, good morning, good afternoon or good evening” in Thai! Ooops, I think, personal instincts would tell you that it’s a welcome greeting just like when you say “Mabuhay” in Filipino or “Maayong Buntag or Udto or Gabi-e” in Cebuano. It sounds new to my ear though I know they would utter that generic greeting to their customers.


So, they found a table for me and I immediately sat putting my shopping bag underneath it. The orchid flower struck my attention and took a snap shot of it.

The ambience is of course very Thai in design. Very spacious and got quite a number of tables to accommodate many Thai flavor hopefuls. Their reception area doesn’t look like those old-fashioned local restos that you expect in fast food chains. It seems like one in a hotel.
The interiors signify Thai culture and art. Since, it’s Asian, it’s colorful but very austere.

The Cuisine:

Since, I’m clueless on Thai dishes; I just tried to browse their menu book to see what is enticing to my eyes! Here is the complete meal “captured” I consumed that day:

- Shrimps would always be a first on the list if the restaurant is offering any meal of it. I ordered their Tom Yum Prawn Soup which is savory, a bit sour with an aftertaste of some herbs that are mixed with the soup. Like the aroma of lemon grass or oregano or any organic stuff are blended in. It’s like taking a healing meal but it’s really rich in flavor. Quite spicy as Thai dishes are known for. Priced at Php 175

- I asked for their house specialty, they told me if I could try their Crispy Spring Roll with chicken meat in it. I did have it served but I prefer the lumpia shanghai more! It’s crispy but didn’t enjoy the taste that much. The sauce that coupled with it is a good partner perhaps. Priced at Php 75

- I did chose for garlic fried rice and they also have their own unique taste that I could still distinguish that it’s Siam’s. Priced at Php 55

- Their cantaloupe juice is like light shake. Though, I love the taste! Priced at Php 65.

You could still try their other menus, I ordered those mentioned above when I went there. I may not be able to taste all that they offer but at least, I could give you an idea in terms of the budget that you might spent and what to expect when you get your butt in the chair! Prepare Php 300 to 500 for their main dishes but their servings are already good for two! They have also appetizers that you may go for as your main meal. It may range from Php 120 to 180. It’s definitely a genuine Thai cuisine serve at your table.


I just got a relaxing time enjoying my food. Their staffs are very accommodating and friendly. Always wearing their smiles and they treat you like a king! Well, that’s my observation and my expectations are definitely met in terms of quality service.

Siam Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato
Siam Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato