Teriyaki BOY

Name of Establishment: Teriyaki BOY
Location: 2nd fl, the Terraces of Ayala Center Cebu
Types of Food: Japanese Style Cuisine
Over-all place: Feel the Japanese Ambience
Ratings (1-5): 5
Url: http://www.teriyakiboy.com.ph/portal/

“Teriyaki BOY never tasted yucky to me”
When the terraces of Ayala Center Cebu opened its food-lobbies to the locals and tourists of Cebu, the very first restaurant that I self-feasted is Teriyaki Boy. I so much heard about it through my buddy’s reviews. I surely did try to dash in to taste whether TB really is worth a dining experience. I obviously went their alone! My work pals just backed out due to some personal reasons that are unavoidable. Good thing, I still have the heart to understand them!

The Interiors:

It just opened its doors to possible Cebuano regulars so the place is really clean and the flat dining boards and seats are spanking new. The yellow color is dominant surrounding the whole zone. The area has a capacity for only a number of seats. It’s not really spacious but the dining tables are set confined for you to have at least a good dining experience. The aisles are skimpy and more chances of elbow-rubbing with other guests. Now, that could make you uncomfortable. Well, you better concentrate on their food. It’s mores surprising!

The waiters:

Friendly food assistants are the assets of the restaurant. You’ll be attended by at least 2 who could help you out on what to choose if it seems your first time. Just ask them and they will surely guide you through the menu and I bet you try their house specialty!

What to taste:

With their accommodating waitress, I was offered the house specialty, the Teriyaki Boy Chicken! It’s so lip-smacking! Very appetizing to my famished belly. The meat is really sappy tender and the teriyaki sauce course through it is a blend of sweet and sour flavor. Just ideal to be a specialty. Good for 3 people but mind you, I consumed it all! I braced it up with their Gohan Rice! And note, using chopsticks! I’m into Japanese vibes that time! I would definitely be coming back for another one!

Since I like shrimps to the level that I would wage war just to taste it, their Ebi Tempura Shrimp caught my eye! So I ordered it. So far, it’s real shrimps and the dipping sauce correlates just fine with it.

For my shake cravings, I had their watermelon but I love Thirty’s version of it.

Serving time:

Ten minutes would be a good waiting time. Of course, they have to make sure my food orders are properly cooked! Oh, since it’s Japanese inspired catering. Expect a variety of sushi for you to choose from. Guaranteed fresh! I saw a family eating it opposite to my direction and their loving it.

Spend it:

My Complete meal

Teriyaki Boy’s Chicken Php 195
Ebi Tempura Shrimp 170
Gohan Rice 35
Watermelon Shake 65
Total Php 465
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Nick Ballesteros said...

When I was leaving the country, my colleagues knew that eating at Teriyaki Boy was one of the things in my to-do-list. They treated me out to lunch in my final week at work. *sniff* Teriyaki Boy is memorable to me that way.

The Love Guru said...

As I have said, it's the first restaurant I dined at the terraces of Ayala. I really like their Teriyaki BBQ Chicken! To the highest level!

Kat said...

omg. i want the chicken soooo baaaaaad!!!

Makoy said...

oi musta? thanks for visiting my site. sarap ng site mo puro foood!

Nick Ballesteros said...

Merry Christmas sa yo!

Anonymous said...

i love teriyaki boy. i've eaten there at least 4 times since it opened here in cebu and i've always had a good time. their teriyaki boy chicken is to-die-for.

Anonymous said...

its a simple dish but its a must try, the eggplant in the appetizer section. simply the best. if you give it to me next to freshly steamed bowl of rice, i will be a happy man

-james yu

Anonymous said...

i love the food here, very lami...u must try..servers were all excellent..ang cute pa ng manager!

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