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Barbecue Joe (Lahug, Cebu)

Name of Establishment: Barbecue Joe
Location: The WALK, Asia Town IT Park, Lahug, Cebu City
Types of Food: Barbecue and other Filipino dishes
Over-all place: Small but could accommodate a number of people
Ratings (1-5): 3
Other Branch: Ayala Center Cebu

There are different barbecue and grilling restaurants in Cebu but if you’re looking for an affordable and tasty barbecue, you could try one at Barbecue Joe! They just opened another branch in IT Park where all the best restaurants are camping to cater the food needs in the booming Call Center industry within the area and other food trippers.

After a few hours of meeting my Cebu Bloggers Society (CBS) mates and Ate Aileen and companion in Figaro Coffee Company late afternoon, it’s time to give our grumbling tummies some plush and we decided to give Barbecue Joe a try. At that time, other food parlors are all full and food mobs are in queue waiting to have their seats and table. Just beside Figaro is Barbecue Joe. Why not make a meter-hop for dinner?

*Cebu Bloggers Society taking their orders and dining at the mezzanine part of the resto*

We took shots on their menu list as we flocked at the counter to make our orders. The place seems small but we are accommodated at their mezzanine where there is good ventilation and lighting. Their interior is well-crafted. If you’re a computer slave and caffeine has already taken over you, well, have your full meal in Barbecue Joe while using Figaro’s unsecured wifi network (it’s just the stall next to that coffee shop).

*Barbecue Joe's Menu List*

I ordered Sinigang Pork Liempo and that sour flavor is enough for me to say that it is what I ordered. So far, not really the best that I have tasted but good to fill me up with 2 tender liempo in it. It’s been a long time I have no soup for dinner as I’m used eating in fast food chains nearby. So I took the chance to try it. I also coupled my meal with their Green Mango Shake (it’s not really green in color, anyway). My taste buds that time are all in acerbic flavah!

*Sinigang Pork Liempo and the Green Mango Shake*

For my dessert, I really like it very sweet, so I ordered Saging Matamis (Banana in caramel syrup). It’s quite disappointing as it is hard to chew it! Like you’re eating rubber (a normal reaction)! It could certainly break a plastic fork (if you’re using it). Though it looks palatable in the outside but it’s not just what I expected of a ripe banana that is soft and juicy to eat. I guess, they have to work on it for that dessert. It is definitely not a good experience in my mouth but the syrup is ok, the banana is just hard to chew (strike two). And note, in their menu list, you will have 2 pcs of it but Arnold got 3 pcs when he ordered it. But again, its’ hard to chew it (strike three). Maybe I should have tried their other desserts like leche flan, halo-halo w/ ice cream, Saging matamis con yelo (hope the bananas are juicy), and Bud Bud sikwati next time (so I’m coming back!).

*Saging Matamis (Mine: 2 pcs. and Arnold's: 3 pcs)*

My other mates have their own takes on those regular barbecue meals, like pork (2 sticks), chorizo, chicken, pork belly and blue marlin. It can be served with regular rice, a choice for garlic rice or the very known “poso”. Prices range from Php 35-150. Very affordable, isn’t it? I should say, their barbecues are delicious enough. It’s a good deal (wow points earned)!

*Pork Barbecue and Blue Marlin Meals*

For the drinks, they serve Coca-cola beverages and Del Monte for their juices. They only have green and ripe mango flavors for their shakes and for their water, St. James Premium water and Viva Mineral water are available. You could request a potable water (tap) but the taste is very chlorinated. So, go for the bottles, bai!

*St. James Premium Water*

I might try their branch in Ayala and order again Saging Matamis and I might change my mind and give them a 5 for the ratings! What you think?

At the mezzanine:


Anonymous said...

kalami. gigutom nuon ko.

Anonymous said...

wui...asa nimo giupload tanang pix ani nga laag? gae ko sa link bi...

The Love Guru said...

I'll post is sa ako multiply and sa obnoxiousqueer.com nga site nako.

The Love Guru said...

Gurl, the photos are in my multiply account.. check it... thanks!

Anonymous said...

I tried St. James water in Abaca and noticed that all the high end places in cebu serve this water. Does anyone know how to contact them??? I want to change the bottled water we serve at our resort cuz their bottle looks so classy. I heard its imported technology from europe daw thats why cutting edge design and sarap tamis ang taste. Anyone know where to find them?


Anonymous said...

why dont you ask the store clerk! i heard they will not sell to just anyone- that is really snobby as-in. probably canal water in a bottle..hehe

Cebuwoman said...

Hi, you might wanna try the label, just at the side is a small contact info. I read that it's made in Mandaue or so. Just check it out.

Anonymous said...

Nice blog Cebuwoman! Why don't you keep posting new stuff there i keep waiting. Saw the post of st james didto and nice kaayo ilang website gallery. where did you find them man? u sure they are local? they say cebu based man kuno sa www.stjameswater.com

i wonder if they are really legit company?


Anonymous said...

braungirl, Go get info at their website...my friend designed it!!!!


it is really simple but cool wid nice pix talaga!


Anonymous said...

wats wid teh blak cap??? cool website...

benji moras said...

the place is getting mingaw man...people don't like ordering in counter. they have to be waited on. ordering area is too small...

Irwin Murto said...

Who owns St James?

zezetap said...

it owned by same company as Nature Spring they just change d name St James cebu water made by the manufacturer of nature spring so all of it the same! only st james bottle is nice

chef said...

My goodness St James is not part of NS! The owner of NS has a "fit" when he sees St James in Cebu someone told me he throws things at his salespeople when he goes to restaurants that serve St James. Then he will BUY out the St James in restaurants and make them sign contract with BIG money so they will not sell ST James bottled water in Cebu.

I met owner of St James in Cebu he is a runner and good guy from U.S, he loves cebu and wanted best bottled water here, but he does not believe in buying customers. Look at St James cebu website:


Anonymous said...

Hi! Do you have a recipe for the Lilo-an masi?

Anonymous said...

nice opinion.. thanks for sharing....

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