Gerry's Grill (Cebu)

Name of Establishment: Gerry’s Grill
Location: Ayala Center Cebu
Types of Food: Grilled and other Filipino dishes
Over-all place: Very Spacious
Ratings (1-5): 5
Other Branch: The Northwing SM City Cebu
Contact: 415-8284 (For delivery service)

Cebu has lots of good restaurants to fill my open mouth and hungry stomach. With friends around or just on my own, having access to these food haven is a perfect dome to eat and bond. Gerry’s Grill is one of the first food grilling house I’ve dined when I first came to Cebu. Workmates brought me to SM Cebu for a treat and later on, I keep coming back to the place sometime on weekends. It was certainly my first as well to visit their Ayala branch on August 16, 2008 with some team mates at work. That’s the day I got my new Canon IXUS 860IS digital camera too. I took snapshots of the venue as well as the delightful dinner we ordered.

Since it's our last day of work and we just received our salary pay then, we pampered our taste buds with some soupy and scrumptious meal at Gerry's Grill.

**Me and my team mates at Gerry's Grill**

My team mate, Paul, ordered "pochero" which happened to be "Bulalo" here in Cebu. We still have mini-word fight over it but it resulted to a win-win case! We both enjoyed Gerry's Bulalo. The meat is so tender and it taste really good. Their serving size is good for 4 persons.

**Gerry's Bulalo and Gen serving Abu**

One of my all-time favorite is gambas. Gerry's have it served sizzling hot with cracked egg. So you have to do the mixing when it arrived at your table. Be ready with your forks for it! The shrimps are delicious and I’m giving them a 5 for it. Their Grilled Pusit (squid) is also well-grilled and flavored. It taste best if paired with soy sauce, calamansi and red chili. I don’t think it looks carcinogenic as they served it as palatable as it should be for your eyes! Not over grilled, that is! It is good for 4 persons.

**Sizzling Gambas and Grilled Pusit (squid)**

Gen and Abu craved for their Sizzling Chicken (Half of a whole chicken)! It looks greasy, juicy and it is served, well, sizzling hot! It’s gravy-creamy and it’s top with slices of carrots and some garnish.

One thing I like on Gerry’s, is that their Buko Juice is served really cold and naturally FRESH unlike the others. It’s been my regular drink with my meal. Also, I had my all-time fave dessert, leche flan. It’s rich in caramel and I know it’s bad for diabetic people. I just love staring than eating it. But I consumed it in a minute. LOL!

**My Faves: Fresh Buko juice and leche flan**

They have Coca-cola products for your softdrink choices, Del Monte for juices and other shake flavors. Mineral water is also available. We spent around Php 1,200 that night. It's dicounted as we had a discount stub as part of their promo, out of Php 500 total amount, we get 50 % discount! We are about to use their Php 1000 promo but we reserved it for our next food trip.

Here are other shots from Gerry's:

Gerry's Grill Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

Barbecue Joe (Lahug, Cebu)

Name of Establishment: Barbecue Joe
Location: The WALK, Asia Town IT Park, Lahug, Cebu City
Types of Food: Barbecue and other Filipino dishes
Over-all place: Small but could accommodate a number of people
Ratings (1-5): 3
Other Branch: Ayala Center Cebu

There are different barbecue and grilling restaurants in Cebu but if you’re looking for an affordable and tasty barbecue, you could try one at Barbecue Joe! They just opened another branch in IT Park where all the best restaurants are camping to cater the food needs in the booming Call Center industry within the area and other food trippers.

After a few hours of meeting my Cebu Bloggers Society (CBS) mates and Ate Aileen and companion in Figaro Coffee Company late afternoon, it’s time to give our grumbling tummies some plush and we decided to give Barbecue Joe a try. At that time, other food parlors are all full and food mobs are in queue waiting to have their seats and table. Just beside Figaro is Barbecue Joe. Why not make a meter-hop for dinner?

*Cebu Bloggers Society taking their orders and dining at the mezzanine part of the resto*

We took shots on their menu list as we flocked at the counter to make our orders. The place seems small but we are accommodated at their mezzanine where there is good ventilation and lighting. Their interior is well-crafted. If you’re a computer slave and caffeine has already taken over you, well, have your full meal in Barbecue Joe while using Figaro’s unsecured wifi network (it’s just the stall next to that coffee shop).

*Barbecue Joe's Menu List*

I ordered Sinigang Pork Liempo and that sour flavor is enough for me to say that it is what I ordered. So far, not really the best that I have tasted but good to fill me up with 2 tender liempo in it. It’s been a long time I have no soup for dinner as I’m used eating in fast food chains nearby. So I took the chance to try it. I also coupled my meal with their Green Mango Shake (it’s not really green in color, anyway). My taste buds that time are all in acerbic flavah!

*Sinigang Pork Liempo and the Green Mango Shake*

For my dessert, I really like it very sweet, so I ordered Saging Matamis (Banana in caramel syrup). It’s quite disappointing as it is hard to chew it! Like you’re eating rubber (a normal reaction)! It could certainly break a plastic fork (if you’re using it). Though it looks palatable in the outside but it’s not just what I expected of a ripe banana that is soft and juicy to eat. I guess, they have to work on it for that dessert. It is definitely not a good experience in my mouth but the syrup is ok, the banana is just hard to chew (strike two). And note, in their menu list, you will have 2 pcs of it but Arnold got 3 pcs when he ordered it. But again, its’ hard to chew it (strike three). Maybe I should have tried their other desserts like leche flan, halo-halo w/ ice cream, Saging matamis con yelo (hope the bananas are juicy), and Bud Bud sikwati next time (so I’m coming back!).

*Saging Matamis (Mine: 2 pcs. and Arnold's: 3 pcs)*

My other mates have their own takes on those regular barbecue meals, like pork (2 sticks), chorizo, chicken, pork belly and blue marlin. It can be served with regular rice, a choice for garlic rice or the very known “poso”. Prices range from Php 35-150. Very affordable, isn’t it? I should say, their barbecues are delicious enough. It’s a good deal (wow points earned)!

*Pork Barbecue and Blue Marlin Meals*

For the drinks, they serve Coca-cola beverages and Del Monte for their juices. They only have green and ripe mango flavors for their shakes and for their water, St. James Premium water and Viva Mineral water are available. You could request a potable water (tap) but the taste is very chlorinated. So, go for the bottles, bai!

*St. James Premium Water*

I might try their branch in Ayala and order again Saging Matamis and I might change my mind and give them a 5 for the ratings! What you think?

At the mezzanine:

The Mambukal Experience

*Had my pose in this historical landmark of Mambukal*

This is it! After days of being offline from a relaxing yet long trip in Mambukal, Bacolod, Negros Occidental, my keyboard is now ready for my fingers for the story-telling. LOL!
Sorry for the long wait, but the first two “Link”commentors deserve a prize from me!

I was born and raised in Dumaguete City, Negros Oriental and even though the other side of the island (Occidental) is just a bus away, I was not able to visit that part. Not until this time that I’m here in Cebu and found a supporting job, I can now manage to go somewhere else wherever I want. And I was been in Mambukal last August 2-3, 2008. It is located at Minoyan, Murcia, Bacolod City, Negros Occidental. This adventure trip idea was brought by a close friend of mine who happened to be my team mate. We want to experience a different taste of nature aside from the known beach escapades. What Mambukal has to offer is what we’re looking for. And below is the itinerary of our trip:

*Me with my co-trippers to Mambukal at the I2 Bldg in IT Park*

Our assembly time is around 10:00 am at the Etel Lobby in I2 Bldg., Asia Town IT Park, Lahug. We were waiting for our team mate to log out by 10:00 am. Thirty minutes after, we headed off to Citilink terminal where transportation vans are set ready to take us to our destination. Van’s Fare from Cebu city to Toledo city is Php 120.

*The ship we sailed to San Carlos City*

We passed the Cebu South Road Properties (SRP) going to Toledo’s terminal where it took us an hour and 15 minutes to travel. We arrived at 12:15 at the Toledo wharf. Unfortunately, we didn’t catch up the fast craft that departed around 12 noon. So we opted to take the LITE shipping lines. We departed around 12:45 pm.

*My co-trippers at the Toledo wharf and Gen's inspection at the security*

Fare: Php 230 (Tourist Class)
Terminal Fee: Php 10
Contact: 032.322.6387/467.9604

*We took the tourist class of LITE shipping and the terminal fee is Php 10*

We arrived in San Carlos City wharf at 2:45 pm. It’s a 2-hour ocean travel. Enough for us to rest a bit to get some energy on the next level of the trip. There are motorcabs and tricycles (sikad2x) waiting at the entrance of the port. BTW, passengers need to walk at a certain distance to the port’s main exit. The wharf’s area is so spacious that it’s like an airport. Really! We spared around Php 10 for the cab’s fare leading us to their bus and van terminal where the transpo going to Mambukal awaits us. We made negotiations on the van’s fare. There were 11 of us and we spared Php 155 for the van’s fare with the assurance to bring us to Mambukal. If you think the fare is costly for you. You can request to be dropped at the town of Murcia’s crossing and there are jeepneys leading to Mambukal as well, fare is Php 15. As a suggestion, it’s good if you go to Mambukal in large groups, say 10 to 15 peeps. You can have the van exclusive for your group. The many, the better, the less money you spent. Very economical!

*San Carlos City's wharf  and the tricycle (sikad 2x)*

After an hour and 30 minutes of travel passing through the mountainous highway of San Carlos city, we finally reached the heaven’s resort of Mambukal. It is also a 35-minute drive from Bacolod city.

*Cab de motor from the wharf to the transpo terminal (VANS)*


- My team mate book the dorm-type room for only Php 2,000 that could house 20 persons. They have 10 double-deck beds to accommodate large groups. For the facilities, a ceiling fan and a stand fan are provided each room. We don’t mind if it’s not air-conditioned as it is cold at night time in Mambukal. There are 2 separate comfort rooms for males and females though it’s common to all tenants of the room.
- The have also duplex-typed rooms. You may have the option to choose a room good for 4 or more. It is already equipped with lavatory, bathroom, toilet, cabinets. This is good for families on vacation.
- A tourist lodge is also available in either standard or suite rooms.
- Contact: 63.919.563.0636 or 63.2.433.7532

*The dorm-type room that could accommodate 20 persons*

We still have time to stroll the resort for some photo clicks on some nature spots it has to offer. You can enjoy watching flying bats soaring up high or see them sleeping on tree branches. There is a rocky creek within in the resort that adds its picturesque view. It comes from the seven falls of Mambukal where a stream of cold water flows.

*Bridge shot within the resort and a shot on the creek*

*Sleeping Bats from afar*

Food Court

*We ate our dinner here in Enteng's and the sizzling squid which I like best!*

- We took our dinner at ENTENG’s. Food prices are affordable. It ranges from Php 45 to 150/meal. We ordered Sizzling squid (Php 65 to 150), Sigang na Tangigue (Php 120), Grilled squid, pork, chicken (Php 65), 2 sticks of pork barbecue (Php 45). And free ripe mangos for our dessert. We also ate the leche flan we bought from our fellow tech agent in Etel.
- At breakfast, we had it at Ikea of Kabankalan. We ordered the common breakfast meal like longganisa, egg, corned beef, bacon, bihon. It’s Php 55/meal with coffee already.
- There are picnic huts and cottages located side by side in between their wide swimming pool and boating lagoon where you can grill you own food. Perfect for those spending time with their families and friends on a Sunday.

*Enteng's SIGANG na TANGIGUE and our free fruit dessert (ripe mangos)*


*We only saw the first falls as we have no time to see the others*

- Mambukal has 7 majestic falls that you can see and feel it’s dripping cold waters and named as First Falls, Second Falls and so on. We had a 30-minute walk to the first falls passing those grassy, slippery clay soils of Mambukal. We hurdled, climbed and all sorts of mountain trekking activities you can think of. Passing through rivers is fun and lets you think you are one with nature. It’s definitely a fun experience. We had a tour guide provided by the resort. And note it’s up to you to give a tip to your guide. In our case, we contribute Php 20/head.

*The dive for life falls, it's 12 ft in depth and some shots of my co-trippers*

Wall Climbing

*We dare to pose even without the harness and some gear*

- Outside the food court is a man-made wall for you to climb. LOL. I don’t know how much is the charge but I think it may range from Php 30-50 complete with the gear. The person in-charge on that time is not around so we manage to take some snap shots bare feet! Wahahaha.

Hot Spring

- Within the resort is warm dipping pool with sulfuric soda water that would rejuvenate your body. It’s like you’re in a sauna bath. Very therapeutic for those people who experienced some body fatigue and stress. It soothes your mind, body and soul. We went there at night, perfect before going to bed. We had a relaxing and calm sleep that night! Entrance fee: Php 30.

*The sulfuric hot spring is really soothing. I recommend you dip in the pool at night*

Swimming Pool

- The resort has a huge, wide swimming pool for children and adults. You can have your lunch picnic at the side. Entrance fee: Php 50.

Boating Lagoon

*The beautiful view of their boating lagoon*

- It is a very scenic, perfect for camshots. Renting fee for the boats is Php 30/head for an hour. Each boat could accommodate 2 persons. You will be geared with a life jacket for safety.

*Got no time to go boating. Why not make a pose?!*

Butterfly Garden

- It is just a few meters walk from the boating lagoon. Though we didn’t went inside to see the garden, a small souvenir shop at the entrance would invite you to buy some real butterfly stuffs. Entrance fee to the garden: Php 30.

*No time as well to explore the garden. We better shop for souvenirs.*

Other amenities of the resort:

Slide for LIFE, Canopy Walk, Conference hall, Ishiwata camping ground, Coffee shop, Standard and Deluxe lodges and cottages.

After the breathtaking escapade to the falls, we set ourselves to the boating lagoon, then to the butterfly garden. We took a shower, pack our things for our departure. We check out of the resort at 12 nn.

This is the jeep that we wish we didn't ride and a shot going to take the fast craft *

The jeepney that brought us from the resort to the Murcia where we waited a bus (Ceres liner) is literally slow. We thought that raising our fare from Php 10 to Php 15 would pacify the speed, but unfortunately, NOT! That disappoints me! Reason is, the driver is eyeing for probable passengers waiting along the roadside which is certainly not acceptable to us! Would you expect passengers in a long-stretch of sugarcane land?! At least, the driver should push the speed faster. Expectedly, we butted words out not pleasing to anyone’s ear! It’s literally slow! We rather walked then! Got no choice but to leave our butts in the seats.

*I was amazed of the CHOCOLATE HILLS and some PINE TREES???*

Traveling through Ceres Bus Liner going to San Carlos City took us an hour and thirty minutes. Fare is Php 80. We arrived at 3:30 pm and had 15 minutes left to get our tickets for the fast craft scheduled to take off by 3:45 pm. Good thing, Bong-Bong’s delicacy shop is just around the corner. So we managed to buy some pasalubongs.

*My pasalubongs*

Upon arrival at Toledo city, we ate in Jollibee as we never had a chance to eat our lunch as we are rushing for the last trip of the fast craft. Going home to Cebu City, we took a van for Php 120 to the Citilink terminal in the city and headed to our repective home sanctuary.

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**END of the TRIP**

You can view the rest of the photos here.