Cream n' Bake

Name of Establishment: Cream ‘N Bake
Location: Banilad, AS Fortuna St., beside Joven’s Grill (Cebu City, Philippines)
Types of Food: Cakes, Pastries, Ice Creams and other dishes.
Over-all place: Small,  just perfect for bonding with close friends.
Ratings (1-5): 5

When I first came to this provincial city of Cebu, I definitely seek for a place that serves home made and deligthful food.  Glad to know a friend of mine referred me to Cream N' Bake! I enjoyed the taste of their juicy "GAMBAS" (main ingredient: shrimps ). It was my first time to appreciate that it really taste good among other versions of it in the locality. The "Tuna Kinilaw" is really authentic! It satisfies my hungry tummy.


"tuna kinilaw"

They are known for their cakes and pastries. I kept coming  to their place to taste those heaven sweets. Prices are affordable. The home made ice creams of different flavors also captivated my taste buds. Now, go get your own share of these tasty food they offer!

"home made ice cream"

My over-all impression of the place: IMPRESSIVE (hehehehe). The sofas suites the place and I love taking photos in their corner.

"an angle of the place"

As a food taster, I know how to share "foodelity" to what I know is good for my taste.


Anonymous said...

saw this when i was on my way to Giussepe... will post abt my cebu food trip within the month

The Love Guru said...

saw this when i was on my way to Giussepe

@Sakai: Ayt! Pls. inform me if you made a post then. Thanks!!!

Whome1996 said...

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