BOHOL 2-day Tour (with Itinerary)

My team mate, PIO wanted to visit the island of Bohol as he was never been there. Much of a thought that me and my girl pals have been to that picturesque local place, we offered a suggestion to tour him around. It was a plan out of the blue. And it’s been quite a while that we thought of re-visiting as we would like to feel the Loboc river cruise experience which we never had during our first time in it (it was raining that previous day!)

Good thing we had Manong Leonard’s no. as our contact for the van and a tour guide in one. We set the day for the tour on May 31, 2008. We only spent the car rent for Php 2,500 for the whole trip (arrival and departure). But we had a discount!!! Yahoo! The only surprising thing that happened a day before we went to Bohol, my other team mates backed out! Glad to know that another girl friend of mine also wanted to join! There were 4 of us on tour, my girl friend’s boyfriend catch up to our cottage accommodation late in the afternoon.

And what would be our itinerary then? Everywhere our driver-tour guide will lead us to! He was so kind and very loquacious in his native tongue which got us quite entertained in the Toyota Corolla car we rented. I would enumerate the place we’ve been too. So you might have an idea if you wish to visit Bohol. Read below:

“We departed Cebu thru Ocean Jet at 9:20 AM and we arrived in Tagbilaran wharf at 11:30 AM”

As soon as our feet touch the land of Bohol, we had Manong Leonard brought us to the Immaculada church to pray for safety for the whole trip and giving thanks for a safe arrival.

*Island City Mall (ICM)

- we had our lunch at Prawn farm restaurant. The seafood meal is very sumptuous and it filled our stomachs! Like the taste of their “calamares” and “gambas”. Very tasty and I just love to go back to that place and order the same menu! Budget: PHP 1,000 for the 3 of us! Affordable!
- we also shopped for some groceries and liquor (yeah!!!) that we might need for an overnight stay at the beach. We spent PHP 500.00

*Dumaluan Beach Resort in Panglao

- we had our accommodation in a what they call “Kubo” cottage in a private area of the resort. It is good for 5 persons but for me, I guess, 7 would be accommodated.
- tourists share common comfort rooms in a certain nook but it’s clean and well-maintained. Note: it is exclusive to those who are renting the private “Kubo”. Actually, there are 6 CRs with shower, 2 outside shower stands, 4 urinals with shower as well, and 3 sinks where you can wash your dishes. Rent charge: PHP 1,000. You will only add PHP 150/head for additional beddings
- the resort offers room service massage until 10:00 pm for PHP 250.00 only
- we arrived at the resort around 2:30. Took time to rest for an hour. Lavished the beach’s sunkissed waters and white sands (like Bora!). It’s perfect for pictorials! And at twilight, you can sit along near the shore and have your private moments.
- we had dinner at their grilling place (walking distance from our cottage). We spent PHP 125 each for dinner including drinks. Obviously, we ordered stuff that could be grilled! Tsk tsk tsk.
-after dinner, we had our drinking session. Pio made his GSM mixes. We call it, Pio’s Juice mixes. Enough to make us feel tipsy and drooled us in the beach for a night swimming escapade. We slept around 11:30 PM.
-we woke up at 6:00 AM and felt the sunrise touch our bare skin. Took time to float in the cold waters, strolled the shoreline, and of course, the pictorials! Nothing more to say!
-we checked out from the resort by 8:00 AM

*Bee Farm

-we had our breakfast in this place. We had puto-maya and tsokolate for Php 80.00
-we toured the place where you can experience their local massage called “HILOT”
-it is also educational as we learned a lot about bees and their importance in the ecosystem. And some interesting facts on the sexes! You need to go there to find out! ?

*Hinagdanan Cave

-I never went thru inside a cave. But it was my second time in the Hinagdanan cave. The name is depicted as the locals made a man-made cemented stairs for visitors to come and see the insides. Now I see the stalactites and stalagmites for real. The droplets of water is really cold!

*Blood Compact shrine

- a very historical landmark where the first blood compact happened in the Philippines during the Spanish times. This is where the two chiefs of Bohol, Datu Sikatuna of Bool and Datu Sigala of Loboc end their hostility against Legazpi who established friendship with them.


-the smallest living primate in the world is found in Bohol. I know you knew about it. Just don’t miss it! A couple of photos as souvenirs is enough to tell that you visited BOHOL! Well, seeing these creatures with your naked eyes is different!

*Loboc River Cruise

- this is the reason why I re-visited bohol. I was not able to experience eating our buffet lunch when we first went to it while on cruise and got entertained by their talented locals. It was indeed an unforgettable moment! Buffet Meal: Php 300/head.

*Chocolate Hills

-your Bohol tour will not be complete if you have not gone to Carmen where the Chocolate hills are! It is one of the 7 wonders of the world! We Filipinos should be proud of it! Entrance fee: Php 15.00

*Hanging Bridge

- we just dropped by to take photos of ourselves in that famous hanging bridge! Why not?

*Man-made Forest

- it was believed that in the 80’s during Marcos times, Boy Scouts of the Philippines happened to plant the now grown up tall trees! The place is so cool! We even sat in the middle of the road!

*Butterfly Sanctuary

-where we learned about butterflies, how they mate, how they live, the metamorphosis thing, and all stuff about butterflies. Very educational for your kids! Entrance Fee: Php 20.00.

*Python haven- Prony!

-we visited and managed to carry and posed with Prony, the longest python snake in captivity!

*Baclayon Church

- Church made of all stones and is also a Historical landmark of Bohol. And one of the oldest churches in Bohol.

*Island Souvenirs Shop

- they are on sale! We availed of the discounts! And Hola! Shopping for pasalubongs. This depends on your shopping budget. If you have spared 2k for it, that’s enough to bring home some goodies to friends and family!!!

Total Budget for the trip: More or less Php 3,500.00/head.

Note: the many the merrier, the less money you spent!


The complete photos of our tour is here!


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