Name of Establishment: SIAM Thai Cuisine
Location: 2nd fl, the Terraces of Ayala Center Cebu
Types of Food: Thai Cuisine
Over-all place: Perceptible of Thai Culture setting
Ratings (1-5): 3

When the terraces of Ayala Center Cebu just opened its stalls with massive restaurants for both local and international shops, I just can’t wait to dine each inviting restos every time I visit the place. One time, my Asian cravings and spicy diet is grumbling my tummies to devour something Thai cuisine. And with just me alone, my cell phone clock strikes to 11:30 am. I peeked at the side of Fully Booked and saw some welcoming gestures from SIAM.


When I first entered the door, I hear the greeting “Sawatdee Khrap” which means “Hello, good day, good morning, good afternoon or good evening” in Thai! Ooops, I think, personal instincts would tell you that it’s a welcome greeting just like when you say “Mabuhay” in Filipino or “Maayong Buntag or Udto or Gabi-e” in Cebuano. It sounds new to my ear though I know they would utter that generic greeting to their customers.


So, they found a table for me and I immediately sat putting my shopping bag underneath it. The orchid flower struck my attention and took a snap shot of it.

The ambience is of course very Thai in design. Very spacious and got quite a number of tables to accommodate many Thai flavor hopefuls. Their reception area doesn’t look like those old-fashioned local restos that you expect in fast food chains. It seems like one in a hotel.
The interiors signify Thai culture and art. Since, it’s Asian, it’s colorful but very austere.

The Cuisine:

Since, I’m clueless on Thai dishes; I just tried to browse their menu book to see what is enticing to my eyes! Here is the complete meal “captured” I consumed that day:

- Shrimps would always be a first on the list if the restaurant is offering any meal of it. I ordered their Tom Yum Prawn Soup which is savory, a bit sour with an aftertaste of some herbs that are mixed with the soup. Like the aroma of lemon grass or oregano or any organic stuff are blended in. It’s like taking a healing meal but it’s really rich in flavor. Quite spicy as Thai dishes are known for. Priced at Php 175

- I asked for their house specialty, they told me if I could try their Crispy Spring Roll with chicken meat in it. I did have it served but I prefer the lumpia shanghai more! It’s crispy but didn’t enjoy the taste that much. The sauce that coupled with it is a good partner perhaps. Priced at Php 75

- I did chose for garlic fried rice and they also have their own unique taste that I could still distinguish that it’s Siam’s. Priced at Php 55

- Their cantaloupe juice is like light shake. Though, I love the taste! Priced at Php 65.

You could still try their other menus, I ordered those mentioned above when I went there. I may not be able to taste all that they offer but at least, I could give you an idea in terms of the budget that you might spent and what to expect when you get your butt in the chair! Prepare Php 300 to 500 for their main dishes but their servings are already good for two! They have also appetizers that you may go for as your main meal. It may range from Php 120 to 180. It’s definitely a genuine Thai cuisine serve at your table.


I just got a relaxing time enjoying my food. Their staffs are very accommodating and friendly. Always wearing their smiles and they treat you like a king! Well, that’s my observation and my expectations are definitely met in terms of quality service.

Siam Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato
Siam Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

Teriyaki BOY

Name of Establishment: Teriyaki BOY
Location: 2nd fl, the Terraces of Ayala Center Cebu
Types of Food: Japanese Style Cuisine
Over-all place: Feel the Japanese Ambience
Ratings (1-5): 5

“Teriyaki BOY never tasted yucky to me”
When the terraces of Ayala Center Cebu opened its food-lobbies to the locals and tourists of Cebu, the very first restaurant that I self-feasted is Teriyaki Boy. I so much heard about it through my buddy’s reviews. I surely did try to dash in to taste whether TB really is worth a dining experience. I obviously went their alone! My work pals just backed out due to some personal reasons that are unavoidable. Good thing, I still have the heart to understand them!

The Interiors:

It just opened its doors to possible Cebuano regulars so the place is really clean and the flat dining boards and seats are spanking new. The yellow color is dominant surrounding the whole zone. The area has a capacity for only a number of seats. It’s not really spacious but the dining tables are set confined for you to have at least a good dining experience. The aisles are skimpy and more chances of elbow-rubbing with other guests. Now, that could make you uncomfortable. Well, you better concentrate on their food. It’s mores surprising!

The waiters:

Friendly food assistants are the assets of the restaurant. You’ll be attended by at least 2 who could help you out on what to choose if it seems your first time. Just ask them and they will surely guide you through the menu and I bet you try their house specialty!

What to taste:

With their accommodating waitress, I was offered the house specialty, the Teriyaki Boy Chicken! It’s so lip-smacking! Very appetizing to my famished belly. The meat is really sappy tender and the teriyaki sauce course through it is a blend of sweet and sour flavor. Just ideal to be a specialty. Good for 3 people but mind you, I consumed it all! I braced it up with their Gohan Rice! And note, using chopsticks! I’m into Japanese vibes that time! I would definitely be coming back for another one!

Since I like shrimps to the level that I would wage war just to taste it, their Ebi Tempura Shrimp caught my eye! So I ordered it. So far, it’s real shrimps and the dipping sauce correlates just fine with it.

For my shake cravings, I had their watermelon but I love Thirty’s version of it.

Serving time:

Ten minutes would be a good waiting time. Of course, they have to make sure my food orders are properly cooked! Oh, since it’s Japanese inspired catering. Expect a variety of sushi for you to choose from. Guaranteed fresh! I saw a family eating it opposite to my direction and their loving it.

Spend it:

My Complete meal

Teriyaki Boy’s Chicken Php 195
Ebi Tempura Shrimp 170
Gohan Rice 35
Watermelon Shake 65
Total Php 465
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My Joy

Name of Establishment: My Joy Food House
Location: 3rd Level, Ayala Center Cebu
Types of Food: Fast food (Chicken meals)
Over-all place: The most colorful dining place in Ayala!
Ratings (1-5): 3.75
Other Branch: Branch at Osmena Boulevard
Contact: (32) 231.5619 (Ayala)/ (32) 254.7979 (Osmena)

URL: (for online orders)

Before the known competing fast food chains of the country extended their branches in Ayala Center Cebu, My Joy is already been a long time favorite dining destination for those Cebu-grown patrons. It is known before as MacJoy! I recalled a friend’s online repository of his childhood’s favorite eating place, My Joy. Since, I’m a Negrense who just came to Cebu in 2007 for some serious work, I never had gone thru the dining haven though I usually pass along its pave way. Until such time I read through his blog and I felt the urge to salivate on what it has to offer to my orifice organ!

First Impression:

The interior is really colorful with mix combinations of Neon PINK, GREEN and YELLOW. The colors are undeniably striking. In contrast to their ceiling, it’s white! Still the place is really beguiling to kids!

They have their own desserts station or what they call as Cooler Bar just by the nook. Oh, I love their shakes, btw. Of course, still enticing to my naked eyes.

For the area, they could accommodate a number of customers. There are side couches for those in groups of 4 or 5. If you are on solo fight or with your darling, tables are also set to accommodate your mood of the day. Certainly, these tables could be jointly moved if you’re in a medial team (10 to 12 heads). Simply, if hungry mobs are on queue, you’ve gotta wait for your turn at the counter. Draw the line, please.

They also have a water station just by the corner near the counter and well, it’s self-service to those who are able folks! I haven’t noticed any comfort room within the house. Yeah, that’s the first thing I’m looking but found none though they have a lavatory to wash your hands.

I’ve got served:

What I ordered in the menu? Their Boneless BBQ Chicken and it’s grilled, which is a specialty I should say. It’s moist-sweet but not spicy. Definitely, boneless! They really stick to it! LOL. Served with papaya salad-a typical partner! And banana ketchup for dipping. Cost: Php 112.

I also took advantage of their soup of the day, Chicken Asparagus Soup. Broth of chicken strips sprinkled with asparagus. The taste might be tolerable but I just found it quite salty. Cost: Php 39.

My online buddy said that their My Joy Halo-Halo is the best so far. Too bad, I was able to crash their Regular Halo-halo only. It’s too sweet according to my salivary glands but I could have requested less sugar in it. I know about it later when I confessed to my buddy that I’ve been there for a self-treat.

One thing that I find OK on their desserts is the Mango-Pandan with quaint ice cream (Php 59). The mangos are cubed and are sweetly ripe. The flavored pandan jelly is subtle enough so you’ll savor the fresh mangos.

My Joy also offers Combo Savers that are affordable from your pockets and all meals come with iced tea shake! Cool! Right? Prices may range from Php 55 to 130. Just visit their site for more. BTW, they also dish up on burgers (regular, mushroom, chicken and bacon), grills (pork, chicken and tocino), steaks (tangigue, chicken, bangus, beef, pork chop, burger steak), fried chicken at any piece, snacks (taco, hotdog, sandwiches, spaghetti, palabok, fries). And a couple of flavors for their shakes that ranges from Php 45 to 50 (ripe and green mango, pineapple, buko, avocado, four seasons, vanilla, chocolate, strawberry, banana, iced tea). Don’t you have a variety to choose from?

*Note: Prices might change without prior notice.


Name of Establishment: BIGBY’S CAFÉ and RESTAURANT
Location: The Northwing SM City Cebu
Types of Food: High Quality meals
Over-all place: Pleasant dining experience is yours!
Ratings (1-5): 5
Other Branch: 2nd level, Ayala Entertainment Center, Cebu City
Contact: (32) 234.2495/ (32) 234.2395

BIGBY’S Concept:

Quick service, affordable price and relaxing atmosphere with the fine dining features of high quality meals, friendly service, and a clean and pleasant environment.

I definitely need to agree with it! Why? I experienced it when I had a couple of dining in their café. They are committed to what they claimed for. Having the elements of good business and quality service are really BIG differences in their professional catering.
No wonder why prominent people and celebrities love flaunting their smiles while at BIGBY’s. Hmmm… just like me! LOL!

The Ambience:

We chose their executive suite’s area. We want privacy and yes, we had it! The room is overlooking the parking lot outside. Perfect view on the skyline and some scenic places form afar.

They are known for their beautiful and educational wall art frames as well. It’s as if, I’m traveling the world! And the place is clean. They have separate rest rooms for the gents and the ladies which are well-maintained.

Notable discovery:

They are wireless-ready! We never thought that their courtesy button is wireless ‘till we pressed it and their server came in to attend to our needs. Impressive!

The Treat:

A friend had some serious make or break love matters within the week and after a series of romance drama he’d been through, he decided to just chill and burst his frustrations thru eating with us! Good thing, we are always ready for any treat calls! Friends in life are there to listen, support and advise you. He just got lucky! So do we (we love treats)! And well, these discussions would be best if you’re in a restaurant where you can comfortably be at ease. Hail to my suggested place, BIGBY’s!

Our BIG orders:

*Rack-a-bye baby- hmmm… I wonder why they named it that way. It’s barbecued pork ribs marinated with their special mixes and that’s making it like saucilicious when served! Served with sweet corn, carrots and ricePrice: Php 299.

*Gold Metal Steak- beef wrapped with bacon and served with rice, vegetables and herb gravy! Price: Php 65.

*Seafood Chowde Soup- I guess that’s their soup of the day that time! It tastes really good! And the shrimps are fresh! Served with garlic bread. Price: Php 75.

*Tiki Wacky Chicken salad- WOW! I like this! Good for 4-5 people! Contains romaine lettuce, tomatoes, walnuts, fruits (like grape and mango), cheese, croutons and the chicken salad dressing. Very healthy and I’m sure, you’ll crave for more. Price: Php 199.

*Grilled Chicken Carbonara- the taste is subtle and the grilled chicken meat is so tender. It contains mushrooms tossed with bacon, white sauce and Fetuccine noodles. Goes along with garlic bread. Serving size is actually good for two! Price: Php 179.

*Manhattan Burger Deluxe- this is my favorite every time I visit the café! The patty is really pure ground beef! Juicy and tasty as well! It is coupled with their French fries (Bigby’s style). The spot: It’s BIG size! So enough to delight you! Price: Php 175.

Thirst Quenchers:

Hot Calamansi at Php 40 for Gen as she got colds and flu.

Cold Calamani juice for R-linn as she’s not into carbonated colas at Php 40.

Mine is Banana Monkey Business freeze. Pretty much a banana shake! Priced at Php 55.

Pio and Alex had their cola busting drinks! Coke at Php 35.

**burp burp burp burp burp burp burp burp burp **


More photos here.
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Chika-an sa Cebu

Name of Establishment: Chika-an sa Cebu Restaurant
Location: The Northwing SM City Cebu
Types of Food: Filipino dishes
Over-all place: Good and is well-lighted.
Ratings (1-5): 4.5
Other Branch: Salinas Drive, Lahug, Cebu City
Contact: (32) 412-2029 (For reservation)

If you can’t get over on how Filipino dishes or say “Cebuano” cuisine would salivate your red chops and if you want “UNLIMITED” rice for lunch or dinner, let loose on your diet plans, have a fattening dose for just one day! Try Chika-an sa Cebu restaurant.
A good friend left our dear Philippines for a work experience in the Lion City, Singapore last August 19, 2008. And as a treat, I invited her for a luncheon date. For her to hardly forget how Filipino cuisine would haunt her appetite when she’s far away home, we dined at Chika-an. The food experience is worth missing as she told me. I’m sure, her taste buds would probably be in different tune in another part of Asia right now but the Chika-an encounter would be notable.

The Ambience

*The glowing balls that lit the place*

The dining place is built with simplicity and the illumination with the presence of those decorative glowing balls on the ceiling adds harmony to the area. The walls are quite bare with no presence of work of art. The wooden window trellis and the crafted bamboo poles brought the Filipino aura of a restaurant even though it’s located at the modish nook of the mall. The aisle is quite unsetting in one of the area. There is little space for you to toddle a few steps to your table. In terms of space, the interior may not be well-designed. I guess, it needs a minor uplift on how tables and chairs be arranged. Their branch in Salinas drive is rather perfect if accommodation is to be considered. The venue and my dining experience in that branch are worthwhile. So, I might be quite bias to it.

*wooden trellis and the bamboo accent*

The Dishes

*Before we eat*
After a series of prima shopping and calories-burning boutique stroll, we kicked-off a splendid menu on our table right before our eyes! It’s what we call, “Fiesta” by two! LOL! As we are so hungry, our stomachs deserved a sumptuous meal. Our lunch picks are a bowl of clam soup, grilled spareribs, plates of calamares and baked scallops, the “unlimited” rice, watermelon shake and fresh buko.

*After we ate, so full! *

* Clam soup- it’s definitely good for two. 5 big clams are boiled and seasoned to its soupy taste. It contains celeries, red bell peppers, chinese cabbage, tomatoes, and cracked egg. As to my flavor meter, it may not be the best soup we ordered but it will for sure quite revel in your mouth.

* Grilled spareribs- we can’t put aside meat! LOL! We need to eat a variety of food! A dose of carcinogenic grilled meat may not be harmful at all. Hahahaha. Grill it for us! Good thing, it is so tender when I slide my cutting knife to it. A plus point for Chika-an.

* Plate of calamares- these are squid rings dredge in flour (mixed with egg whites) and are served with garlic mayonnaise or their dipping sauce as an appetizer. So far, the taste is terrific! The squid rings are soft to chew.

* Baked scallops- these are baked in an oven and are topped with a mixture of butter, garlic and lemon. They have a very rich butterrrrrryyy-flavored one! I like it more cheese though than butter. But for me, a taste of two is enough to satisfy me. It’s just so flavorful.

* Unlimited rice- if you want more carbo, go to Chika-an! No scarcity of rice in that restaurant! Grab a seat and just choose your menu and unlimited rice is yours to enjoy!

* Fresh Buko- it’s not well-chilled compared to Gerry’s Grill’s. I’d rather had a can of diet coke then with tons of ice in a glass! I would definitely not order it again. I might choose and try their watermelon shake which my friend liked.

*fresh buko*                                                        *watermelon shake*

The Budget

We spent less than Php 1,000 only. Here’s the price as of August 19, 2008 on the menus that we ordered. Just call them or visit the place for an updated price list. It might change without prior notice. LOL! I guess, when it comes to food, we have to be a bit extravagant about it. Duh, spend the money with quality food.

Clam soup Php 98.00
Grilled spareribs 185.00
Calamares 130.00
Baked Scallop 125.00
Plain rice (2 cups) 56.00
Half bowl rice (unlimited) * 0.00
Watermelon shakes 50.00
Fresh Buko 40.00
Total Php 684.00

Note: Chika-an still have other menus for you to lavish on. At least you have an idea on how they are priced. Planning for a date, make sure you are on a budget! Hope I’m at help.

Bon Apetit!
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