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Rodeo Grill Barbeque & Sizzlers in SM City Cebu

Name of Business: Rodeo Grill Barbeque & Sizzlers (third branch)
Location: 2nd Level, SM City Cebu
Type of Food: Barbeque, Steaks, Grill (Filipino & American)
Rating: 5 out of 5
Over-all place: Old West Saloon Atmosphere
Contact: +63 32 231 1251
Zomato: Yes
WIFI: Yes (via SM City Cebu)
Business Hours: 10 AM to 9 PM, 7 days a week
Other Branches: SM City Bicutan (second branch)

They want to give their customers an outdoor feel of an old west saloon (though inside a mall). Thus, they are known to be a "Concept" store. What sets them apart from their neighboring restaurants is that they are selling concept and experience. Food is just secondary. 

When dining here, they want to promote anything about family, the wholesome value and the homey feeling.  In connection to this, alcohol or beer is available upon request only mostly for foreigners but not for their local diners. 

The Food

This tender ribs has a rich tasty sauce. Really, I'm giving it a thumbs up! Serving size comes in what they call "Man-size" and "Woman-size". This meal comes with rice and a glass of iced tea!

Arkansas Tender Ribs (Highly Recommended)
Price: Php 199. Php 269


The gravy is quite spicy because of the pepper but it will complement the taste of this pork steak.

Sgt. Peppers Sizzlers

Price: Php 219

It is supposed to sizzle! But I failed to pour that peppery gravy on it. The chicken's meat is tender and it tasted good too!

Sizzling Texas Chicken
Price: Php 169


I have to be biased. I'm a fan of shrimps. So this one has definitely put a mark on my palate!

Tennessee Sizzling Shrimps
Price: Php 319


All I can say, this is one of the best tasting patas here in Cebu. There are among others, but this one could definitely compete or even come a "winner" on a blind tasting game.

Black Stallion Crispy Pata
Price: Php 399


Squid meat is really tender! So it means, it's fresh and grilled perfectly! Tasted good as well.

Barrel Man Squid
Price: Php 239


Oh, this one is one of my fave veggie dish on their menu! I love eggplants! And this one is just over the top!

Lone Ranger Talong (highly recommended)

Lasso Noodles
Price: Php 129

The Desserts

It became an instant favorite! Who doesn't like mango float?

Mango Ice Box
Price: Php 119


I could say, it's not the best tasting cheesecake in town. I still prefer the one in Tymad.

Cheese Cake
Price: Php 99


It's like a brownie ala mode. A lot of my blogger friends would agree to love it.

Choco Bang Bang
Price: Php 69, Php 139

And here's a surprise soda float drink that they will "soon" serve. We (cebu bloggers) are the first to taste it!

I call it the "Green Lantern" float. Or Polaris.

Café Amicus, Newest Coffeeshop in Talamban, Cebu

Name of Business: Café Amicus
Location: 813, Nasipit, Talamban, Cebu City (right across University of San Carlos) beside M Lhuillier Pawnshop *see bottom for the sketch
Type of Food: Coffee and Non-Coffee based drinks, desserts and  ala carte meals
Rating: 4.5 out of 5
Over-all place: woody/earthy interiors, 30-seater cafe
Contact: +63 927 150 6540
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Café-Amicus-1707093962843995
Instagram: @cafeamicus
Zomato: (soon)
Business Hours: 8 AM to 8 PM, Mondays to Sundays (as of February 2016)
Tag line: "Where coffee and friends make the perfect blend"

What a spot-on location just across USC-TC! Students will have a cafe to stay, sip coffee, lavish their cold drinks, enjoy a meal with their classmates and/or friends while they can do their schoolwork at the same time. And the best thing (for me), it's nearby my flower shop.

Today, February 28, 2016 is the grand opening of Café Amicus. Of course, I was there to try the new cafe with arboraceous interiors which (I think) is perfect for selfies. And it didn't disappoint. Price-wise, it's very affordable. Or shall we call it, student's rate. This new coffee shop could definitely compete with those big brands in the Visayan metropolis.

So what I had?

I'm always a green tea lover, so I did try their Matcha Green Tea which is actually a seasonal drink. The taste is really divine to my palate. I instantly loved it!

I'm the first customer to order it. That's what they told me! *cheers*

More about Café Amicus' coffee beans:

Local coffee beans where used to create their hot and iced coffee from Espresso Single (Php 45) to Iced Mocha White (Php 110). They also do Blended coffee such us Frozen Mocha (Php 120) and Roasty Toasty (Php 120). Their Blended Non-coffee like the Nutty Choco (Php 130) is also a must-try.

Aside from coffee, what else do they serve?

Cakes like Tiramisu and Mango Butter cake are also available to create perfect match to their coffee. They also serve Breakfast and All-Day-Meals like Crispy Bacon and their famous Lechon fry from Alexander's Lechon. Sandwiches and Pastas are also made ready too.

Who owns Café Amicus?

Bestfriends for more than two decades, Lenny and Lewana decided to open a coffee shop where "friends" like them can spend a good time together from the busy streets of Cebu with well-blended coffee for a very reasonable price. The two went on training with Coffee Master Christian to create the perfect blend that is delectable and satisfying to coffee lovers and teas alike.

I took some snapshots during the grand opening of Café Amicus. Let me share them with you:

Let's make this tree go viral! LOL

Ribbon Cutting 

A glimpse of their menu (not yet complete)


Need a sketch? See below:

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Señor Kimchi, an Asian-Mexican Fusion in Cebu

Name of Business: Señor Kimchi
Location: Unit F18 Axis Entertainment, Avenue, N. Escario Street, Capitol Site, Cebu City
Type of Food: Asian-Mexican fusion
Rating: 4.5 out of 5
Over-all place: industrial interiors
Contact: +63 943 450 2445
Email: SenorKimchi@gmail.com
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Senorkimchi
Instagram: @senorkimchi
Zomato: Yes

L. A. Street food is now here in Cebu City! This restaurant is a fusion of Mexican and Asian cuisine. A flirtatious approach to each diner's palate.  Here's a short history about the restaurant:

The owner, Ms. Kimberley Dacay, who lived in Southern California has been exposed to fusion cuisine and she thought to have enrolled in culinary and brought this phenomenon to Cebu. She worked with different chefs from the West. Voila, she introduced an L. A. Street food-inspired restaurant, now, Señor Kimchi.

Señor Kimchi offers a mixture of flavors not only from Korea and Mexico, but also from Japan, China, and definitely, the Philippines. So expect an Asian-Mexican fusion to play around your palate. 

Let me share with you what I think is a must-try when you visit them in Escario. 


I tried their pepper bombs. I'm expecting it to be really spicy but it is not. Nothing compares to dynamite rolls (chili espada). It has crabmeat, cream cheese, cilantro and topped with their homemade spicy aioli. 

Pepper Bomb
Price: Php 165 for 6 pcs. 


My favorite starter is their Kimchi Quesadilla Roll. It's a tortilla rolled with fresh kimchi, monterey jack cheese, rice and choice of meat. Well, I had the Bulgogi beef as my meat! 

Kimchi Quesadilla Roll (Highly Recommended)
Price: Php 245 for the beef bulgogi (6 servings)


House Specials

Chimichanga is one of the Mexican dishes that I often order whenever I gets to a Mexican restaurant. Their version is something new and I instantly loved it! It is deep fried to perfection filled with rice, beans cheese and a choice of meat. I had chicken this time for the meat. 

Chimichanga (highly recommended)
Price: Php 245


I made to try their Spicy Pork Belly Kimchi Bowl. It is served with marinated pork belly over rice topped with Kimchi and fresh mango salsa! Olah! Time to make a groove!

Spicy Pork Belly Kimchi Bowl

Price: Php 235


I also had their Kimchi Fried Rice. It's a stir fried rice with kimchi, red bell pepper, onions topped with fried egg and a choice of meat. Of course, I had the Bulgogi beef again!

Kimchi Fried Rice

Price: Php 255


The next dish is perfect for those who are in a vegetarian diet. So I ordered their salad bibimbap. It's a bowl of rice with fresh baby spring mix, carrots, jicanna, red beets, topped with fried egg and house special ko-chu-jang sure and choice of meat. Definitely, I went strait again with Bulgogi Beef.

Salad Bibimbap

Price: Php 255



I thought it is best to pair these dishes with a famous Korean beer, Hite! And it should be ice-cold! Ok?


Price: Php 125


Here's a friendly advice. Make sure to call them for a reservation especially during dinner time!

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Gibbs' Hot Wings in Cebu

Name of Business: Gibbs's Hot Wings
Location: 2nd Flr., Streetscape Lifestyle Mall, Paseo Saturnino, Ma. Luisa Road, Banilad, Cebu City
Type of Food: American (chicken)
Rating: 5 out of 5
Over-all place: Modern industrial interiors
Contact: +63 32 349 2103/ +63 922 642 4888
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/gibbshotwings
Instagram: @gibbshotwings
Zomato: Yes

In search for the Best Hot Wings in Cebu? And are you craving for such kick of spiciness? Then, head to Gibbs' Hot Wings!

I literally made to try varieties of their hot wings on the menu with a bunch of food bloggers of Cebu Food Crawl. Good thing, my very sensitive palate to spicy food has overcame that chili night challenge (with the help of an ice cold beer)!

Gibbs' Hot Wings comes in 5 levels: hot, original, insanely hot, 2intense and freakin' hot

Now, let's check what we had.

For an appetizer:

Gibbs' Mozza Sticks
Mozzarella cheese sticks that are golden fried. It's actually hot and gooey inside with a very special dipping sauce.

Price: Php 115

Gibbs' Potato Wedges
There's nothing extraordinary with their potato wedges. But I'm good that they served it as a siding dish.

Price: Php 75

Now for the entrees:

Gibbs' Spag n' Meatballs
This is their special spaghetti with deep fried meatballs in tomato sauce, topped with lots of grated CHEESE!

Price: Php 105

Gibbs' Bacon n' Mushroom Carbonara
If you're on a pasta trip, you can have their carbonara. Best if you could eat it right after it is served to you as pastas like this carbonara is best devoured when it's warmly fresh.

Price: Php 145

Gibbs' Hot Wings HOT level

Just to flirt my tastebuds for some deep spicy session, I started to try their Level 1 hot wings. Of course, it's tolerable. I could even eat this full serving.

Price: Php 175

Gibbs' Freakin' Hot Wings (highly recommended)

This is their Level 5 hot wings! And look at those bits of chili in its full glory! I certainly made to have a bite on it. It's really spicy to the highest level! But I can still enjoy the flavor amidst the striking kick of chili. Worth a try!

Price: Php 205

Gibbs' Angel Wings

Another variety of their hot wings with cream, garlic, filled cheese and parmesan cheese.

Price: Php 205

Gibbs' Spicy Honey Garlic Wings (highly recommended)
Wings glazed to perfection with their special honey sauce and garlic bits to play around your palate. I would recommend you order this too! One of my faves!

Price: Php 195

Wasabi Hot Wings
The thought of "wasabi" is already spicy! And yes, they have their wings double cooked with their own wasabi sauce. They garnish it with Japanese nori.

Price: Php 195

House Blend Juice
This one is a life-saver! And it really tasted good! You need to drink a lot when dealing with hot wings!

Price: Php 125 per pitcher

Whatcha gonna do with this dessert?

Spicy Stracciatella (highly recommended)

Even having their dessert has to be chili! This is a new product introduced when we visited them. And it didn't disappoint! I enjoyed this cup of spicy stracciatella.

Here's a peep at their dining area:

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Coffee Prince, A Korean-themed Cafe in Cebu City

Name of Business: Coffee Prince
Location: Osmeña Boulevard,Capitol Site, Cebu
Type of Food: Korean-themed Cafe
Rating: 4 out of 5
Over-all place: chic & fab interiors, very "Korean", perfect for friendly dates
Contact: +63 32 416 2081/ +63 32 254 5989
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/coffeeprincecebu
Instagram: @coffeeprince032
Zomato: Yes

As one of the 'royal cafes' here in the Queen city of the South, Coffee Prince has been a place to lavish on tasty Korean snacks and other hearty meals to fill your hungry tummies and be 'treated' like a royalty! With its very shabby chic interiors, warm lighting and full of pastel decors, it gives you a very homy experience whether you are on a date with a special someone, or on a frenzy hang out with friends or on a silent time to study with your school buddies. A 'must-try' cafe in town when you visit Cebu city!

On the 2nd day of our Cebu Food Crawl tour, I managed to join other food explorers in Coffee Prince. Though, I've been to the place several times, I'm surprised with their new delish treats. Actually, a fusion of something Mexican/Italian with Korean cuisine.

Drum roll please! And here's what they served the gang or at least to me:

Java Chip Frappe

In my case, I started a drink with the usual frappe, Java Chip. It's nothing close to Starbuck's but it's a good drink for a lazy afternoon sip, Coffee Prince style!

Choco Waffles

Who said choco waffles are just for breakfast? You can have it as an afternoon snack! I find it a good pair with my Java Chip frappe. And yes, it's yummy! I am a 'chocoholic'.

Bulgogi Nachos (highly recommended)

This is a fusion of Mexican-Korean that I'm talking about. After indulging myself with choco-flavored delights, it's time to hit on something flavorful like these nachos! A bunch of crunch and their Bulgogi is superb!

Bulgogi Panini

This one is not Mexican but it's more on Italian because it's Panini! And they served it with french fries.  The beefy-flavor on their panini is strong that I didn't actually like it. *smiles*


Since the place is called Coffee Prince, I thought, maybe I have to find a prince charming? And I certainly, did! Candidly! Here's Mr. Prince Charming of the day:

The lost prince, FOUND!

The prince at Coffee Prince

So going out prince-hunting? Check out Coffee Prince! He might be there again... studying... munching some Bulgogi Nachos.

Thanks to my accomplice, Alem of ukayukaydiva.com. Just to give justice for posing too,  here's my dedicated hash tag for you #themoreputolthemoresosyal

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Ocean Garden as Cebu's Premier Seafood Restaurant

Name of Business: Ocean Garden Restaurant
Location: A.S. Fortuna St., Mandaue, City, Cebu (near Nonki)
Type of Food: Seafoods (ala carte)
Rating: 4.7 out of 5
Over-all place: newly renovated to accommodate a no. of diners
Contact: +63 32 238 4474 or +63 922 864 5610
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/oceangarden1
Instagram: @oceangardenrestaurant
Zomato: Yes

One of the must-visit seafood "oasis" during our Cebu Food Crawl is Cebu's premier seafood restaurant, Ocean Garden. And they didn't disappoint us! Our gastronomic dinner experience was as deep as the ocean, filled tummies!

To say I'm overly content with my seafoods craving that night is an understatement. The restaurant gave us not just palatable and picture-perfect dishes but finger-licking cuisine of the sea! And of course, a humble take-home specialty treats (that's a secret).

Let me share these scrumptious seafood edibles that would surely ignite your food jealousy. Let's check what this ocean garden has to offer.

Shrimp Tempura
With their special sauce, it will make a difference at one bite!


Every seafood restaurant will serve this. But Ocean Garden has their own signature creamy dipping sauce that goes along well with it.

Spanish-style Bangus

I don't like milkfish or "bangus" at all but this one changed my view on the fish. It became my instant favorite. Their secret family recipe must have done something magical for me to like it! Hmmmm...

Baked Scallops
Another staple to try. Definitely, cheesy but I prefer more cheese on it! It's just me!

Chili Crab
One thing I hate about eating crabs is that it's messy! But this one is finger-licking good! A nice kind of mess. I don't care wobbling the crab claws with my bare hands.

Chopsuey with scallops

For those on a vegetable diet, smile! This mixed vegetables dish is for you.

Chicken Teriyaki
Allergic to seafoods? Don't fret! They also offer a palatable chicken plate as an option.

Pork Barbecue 
And another option for Pork!

Cinnamon Pudding

I had this specialty dessert and boy, this is another diversion from a seafoods galore tripping.

Soursop (Guyabano) shake
According to health experts, soursop/guyabano is a good anti-cancer fruit! Expect this drink as a staple at Ocean Garden. Something to look forward to.

Blogger duties, taking snapshots of our food!

Yes, before we devour everything, taking a photo of the food is mandatory! Bloggers be like!

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